Favourite 5 Things to do at Home When the Rain Starts

The weather has taken a turn for the worse! Now’s the time to get prepping your bod for the sunny days to come with some at-home exfoliation spa treatments.

No 1. Get those feet sorted. Exfoliate! They will need it. Try one of our incredible salt scrubs for a pimped pedi. No need to moisturise its got loads of oils to soften and nourish. Our favourite is Yuzu and Pink Beets or Lime and Lemongrass.

No 2. De-scale the upper arms and legs – with a coconut and lychee body polish. It’s great way to prep for the fake bake and smells so good you’ll be packing your case in anticipation!

No 3. Being at home and wearing less make-up is good for your glow but we still recommend a quick exfoliation once a week. Bamboo is perfect for a deep and dirty clean and one hit wonder or, the Illuminate facial polish is our preference for a more indulgent and regular cleanse and finally, for a 2-in-1 approach the Damascene Rose dual purpose cleanser is a light and fresh blast for your skin.

No 4. Got the bump! Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten you. Our surprisingly gentle olive stone Bumps A Daisy body scrub is perfect for dry, itchy and tight skin for those wonderful growing tums.

No 5. Not sure what to choose? You’re in luck. Our samples will let you try all of them before you commit – we know it’s important for you to get exactly what you want so dive in and give something a try.

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