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With global warming, deforestation, and the sheer scale of plastic pollution, now more than ever, we all need to work together to protect our beautiful planet.

We use nature's ingredients and try to transform them as little as possible. We are advocates for traceability, working with distributors who responsibly source our ingredients, such as our Avocado Oil where we utilise the damaged avocados not fit for sale as fruit from South Africa.


Sustainability is no longer about doing less harm, it's about doing more good. We strike a delicate balance when choosing the ingredients that go into our products; first and foremost, they must deliver spa excellence skin benefits but we believe that great skincare should not come at a cost to our planet. It’s our mission to bring climate conscious products to the masses. 


Our gift boxes are now ‘grown to order’ in the UK from mushroom mycelium, a natural alternative to fossil fuel produced polymers. They are 100% compostable and break down naturally so you can either drop into your green waste or plant in the garden!

Avoiding single use plastic is also a key priority for us and we’re excited to have launched our new 100% PCR plastic bottles and pumps to our new sustainable gifting range. PCR plastic, which stands for post-consumer recycled plastic, is plastic that is made from post-consumer waste. No new fossil resources are required to produce PCR plastic; the material is made of waste which contributes to the reduction of the CO2-emission relative to standard plastic and it can also be recycled again after use.  

We will never be complacent; we aren’t perfect, we know it’s a journey, but we are committed to choosing the most eco-option where possible. 

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