Cream Vs Sheet Mask – Which is best for me?

If you haven’t begun to incorporate facial masks into your skincare regime yet, this read is for you. Think of face masks like your booster serums, treatments or moisturisers that are super-charged with more skin-loving ingredients. Although the mask is an add-on rather than essential product in a skincare routine, it can leave skin with an instant visual boost.

Face masks come in several types. The traditional cream-type mask that comes in a tub or tube, or the sheet mask, its trendier, hassle- and mess-free version. But why choose when you can simply switch between masks to best suit your lifestyle habit and skin needs? After all, the ingredients and vitamins found in both types of masks are primarily the same.

When should I use a sheet mask?

If you are time poor or simply prefer a hassle-free application, sheet masks are ideal. Shaped to fit most faces, simply peel off and smooth onto the face to ensure complete contact and leave on for 10 to 20 minutes depending on usage. Made of paper, cloth-like or bio-cellulose material, the mask is usually saturated in humectants and emollients also known as essences that help to bind water to your skin, leaving it deeply hydrated.


When should I use a cream or other face mask?

If you find yourself with some ‘me’ time and enjoy the ritual of the slightly messier application and removal, you have the choice of creams, mud, clay or gel format. What’s more, unlike sheet mask, you can sleep with some overnight masks applied which are most beneficial for giving your skin the hydration it needs while you rest. But if you have oily skin, frequent breakouts or acne-prone skin, the mud and clay masks are best for you. Nothing works better than clay or mud in helping to decongest, deep cleanse and absorb all the excess sebum and clogs within pores.


Ultimately, there is nothing to say that you should use one face mask over the other, or only stick to using one style. Personal preference should be the key decision maker.

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