An introduction to skincare routines

It’s a New Year so is it time to start your new skincare routine? 

We often get asked, 'Why do I need a skincare routine?' So here's our top tips for a proper skincare routine... 

  1. Naturally Clean Skin: The priority is having clean skin! Yes, it sounds obvious but some people think that a bar of your favourite soap is enough. Well, on the odd occasion it is, but ingrained dirt can bury into pores in the nooks of your nose and forehead, which can lead to clogged pores, or worse, spots. So removing that dirt is critical to avoiding these!

  2. Daily Skincare: Someone people think the more you buy the better – this is not true. In fact, it’s better if you don’t blast your skin with 15 types of cleanser or moisturiser, you don’t even need to do the Rule Of 3 (cleanse, tone & moisturise) every day. Yes, if you’ve been wearing makeup or out in a particularly polluted area it’s encouraged, however if you are at home – who cares?! Natural skincare is the way forward - go face naked and leave it alone! Let the natural oils do their thing.

  3. Night time Skincare Routine: There really is a difference between a night time skincare routine and daytime skincare. At night, skincare is likely to be heavier and we’re generally happier with the extra slip and moisturising nourishment. However, in the day it is best to have lighter moisturisation, especially under make up.

  4. Best Natural Skincare Products:  So, the Rule Of 3. The best skincare products for your bathroom cabinet that we recommend are: a great natural cleanser, a soothing face toner and a nutrient-rich, simple hydrating light moisturiser for everyday use – these 3 need to be gentle enough to use every day, whilst keeping your face super clean. Some extra products to use a few times a week: a facial polish or exfoliator, a mask and a night oil for extra nourishment if needed. Really, less is more.

  5. Winter Skincare & Summer Skincare: Consider the season when choosing skincare. You may need to turn the moisturiser up a notch for winter skincare – or just add a little Organic Rosehip Oil in for your summer skincare routine, if you skin feels dehydrated.

  6. Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise: Get used to the ritual of using a cleanser, a toner, & a simple, light moisturiser to treat your face to some TLC. If you can, try and carve just 5 minutes out of your day to really look after your skin and indulge in a bit of self-love. God knows we all need it after last year. Concentrate on sweeping the cleanser into every nook and cranny of your face and massaging your moisturiser into your skin, not forgetting the neck.

  7. Take Care of Your Beauty Products: Finally, the importance of looking after your best skincare products. Clean skin is key but keeping any skincare products you purchase in tip top condition is equally as important. Ensure you put the lid back on any cosmetics after use to keep dirt away. Clean the lids and remove the gunk. And, wash any reusable cotton pads after use to avoid cross-contamination.

Now, start treating yourself to some new skincare! 

Natural Spa Factory is a natural skincare brand, with over 100 vegan skincare products in our collection. Our 'Capsule' collection of Skincare Essentials is a great starter bundle for those of you new to skincare routines. 

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