What are the best products for dry skin?

Dry skin can really put a spanner in our natural limbo and self-confidence, but it doesn’t have to be that way. New natural skincare products have been tailored for rehydrating and caring for dry skin. If dry skin is slowing you down, why not take a look at these natural remedies?

Skincare products that contain honey

Honey is a fantastic natural moisturiser. It locks in essential nutrients which nurses dry skin, keeps skin hydrated and causes the skin to feel soft. One of the key aspects of tackling dry skin is finding the right kind of moisturiser for you. Skincare products that contain honey may be a great place to start. Honey also gives the skin plenty of antioxidants and has antimicrobial properties.

Boutique moisturiser with pomegranate and sweet almond oil

Sometimes dry skin needs a real ‘pick me up’, and a day cream like pomegranate and sweet almond oil can be just the ticket. The two main ingredients work well together to nourish the skin with essential antioxidants and vitamins to care for the skin’s natural elasticity. Vitamins such as vitamin E can reduce the damage caused by free radicals and the effects of the sun, which leaves it a perfect summer product for dry skin.

Bumps a Daisy body moisturiser

Moisturiser is super helpful for dry skin but what if we are pregnant? A moisturiser specialised for pregnant women is the perfect and safest choice for tackling dry skin. Consider choosing a moisturiser that works well and also smells good, for that perfect aromatic comfort.

The Bumps a Daisy Moisturiser is a moisturising cream packed with feel good ingredients that work to fade away pregnancy scars and stretch marks. It contains a sweet smelling almond oil that softens and hydrates the skin and can help one to feel more relaxed.

Skincare products that contain vitamin C

Vitamin C is great for the skin. It is a key component to producing collagen, which is a handy protein that encourages the growth of healthy cells and makes our skin become stronger. A good skincare product should contain a great deal of vitamin C. Natural products with high vitamin C will use fruit such as oranges and strawberries that naturally contain the vitamin.

Raw coconut body oil

Coconut body oil is not just a fad - it’s a skincare product that makes a noticeable difference. Coconut oil, also known as coco nucifera, is a natural antibacterial product that kills the germs on our body without harming or irritating our skin cells. It has a high natural Vitamin E content, which we know can reduce the effects of the sun. Vitamin E also aids skin growth and facilitates skin repair. Try our Organic Raw Coconut Oil - we can't live without it!


Many skincare experts agree that almond oil can be a great remedy for dry skin. Almond oil contains a high level of vitamin E and has several antioxidant properties. This oil is also non-greasy, which makes it easier for the skin to absorb and won’t leave your skin feeling sticky or uncomfortable.

Skincare products that contain milk

Milk has great anti-inflammatory properties which makes it a recommended ingredient for a skin product that aims to soften dry skin. As you are already aware, there are many kinds of milk, some of which contain lactic acid which also brings several benefits. Coconut milk is becoming increasingly popular for its skin-nursing potential.

Coconut and lychee body buff

Regularly exfoliating the skin is also important, especially for those of us with dry skin. When using a body scrub (or in this case, a body buff!) it is important to check that you are compatible with the ingredients. Dry skin can be inflamed by ingredients that you are allergic to.

The Coconut and Lychee Body Buff is perfect for sensitive skin, which means that the likelihood of irritation is decreased significantly. The body buff is also high in vitamin E and completely free from SLS, another known skin irritant.

Skincare products that contain strawberries

We know that strawberries contain a high concentrate of vitamin C, but did you know strawberries does wonders for the skin? It has a high antioxidant and vitamin K level and provides several other benefits for the body and the mind. Read more on the benefits of strawberries.

Bilberry and chamomile face mask

Finally, a high quality face mask can rejuvenate dry skin to its former glory. When choosing a face mask, make sure it contains ingredients that make sense. For example, there are many reasons why bilberry is great for your skin. And chamomile has been used for centuries in traditional medicine to reduce inflammation and to help one relax and feel calm. The bilberry and chamomile face mask could be a great choice to soothe dry skin and feel wonderful both inside and out.

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