Storytime with Natural Spa Factory

Did you know May is National Share a Story Month? We thought it was the perfect opportunity to share the Natural Spa Factory story with all of you.

For those who don't know, we're celebrating our 10th birthday this year - and what a decade it's been! Given the theme for this year's Share a Story month is Travelling Tales, we thought we'd take you through our journey from the very beginning.

So sit yourself down, grab a cuppa and some biccies and read on!


Natural Spa Factory was created by husband-and-wife team Jeremy Smith and Emma Webber, who are based in Bath, Somerset.

Their mission was simple - to provide exceptional products that were as natural as possible, using high-quality ingredients and allowing spa professionals the flexibility to define their own journey.

And it was so successful that they were able to grow the business even further, allowing customers to buy the products directly to use at home.


It all started with mud.

Jeremy was running a successful spa consultancy business, but he was struggling to supply spas with the high-quality mud they were crying out for for their Rasul treatments.

So he went home and Googled it.

He soon discovered an incredibly pure, hand-harvested mud from the Austrian Alps. The weight and pressure of the glacier finely grinds the mud to a super-soft powder, filtered by pure glacial ice and packed with the purest, most detoxing elements of the mountain.

Jeremy knew he was onto a winner - so he ordered a shed-load of the magical mud.

Some husbands get their wife flowers...and when Jeremy presented Emma with mountains of mud, she hit the roof.

But then she saw an opportunity.

After a successful career in PR, Emma had been a stay-at-home mum to two young daughters, Isabella and Daisy. As Daisy was getting ready to start school, Emma was ready for new challenge.

So mud became her new baby.

She started selling the mud to spas from the basement of their family home, and spas couldn't get enough of it.

Emma and Jeremy were soon expanding their range of muds, and started adding to their growing collection with salts and scrubs.

At the heart of the company were three core values. All products were eco-friendly, cruelty free and gender neutral. Emma was keen to make sure the whole range really was suitable for Every Body. Products were made using sustainable, natural, botanically-sourced ingredients, and free from nasties, including parabens, MI, MCI, SLS, microbeads and palm oils.

Involved at every stage of the process from concept to shelf, all the products were inspired by Emma and Jeremy's favourite foods and their rural surroundings in Bath. 


As the business grew, so did the Natural Spa Factory family.

Outgrowing the basement, Emma and Jeremy found premises in Bath and started employing staff.

More and more products got added and new collections were created.

Eventually, Emma and Jeremy were able to expand even further and make the products available to buy online, so customers could take the spa home with them.

Over the past 10 years, Natural Spa Factory has gone from strength to strength. 


Natural Spa Factory is still launching new products all the time. We've just taken production of some of our body ranges in-house, too.

Now we want to be the number one supplier for all spas in the UK and overseas - because we not only love skincare and wellness, but we're passionate about making sure Every Body is happy in their own skin too.

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