Skincare through the ages

We know how complicated skincare can be at different points in your life.
We want to make aging beautifully as simple as possible, so our products work perfectly throughout each period of your life.

Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered…

Skincare for your 20's

If you’re in your 20s, your skin is probably at its absolute best, so enjoy it for all its worth; but remember, having great skin doesn’t mean you can just let it go. You know what they say… prevention is better than cure. Look after you skin now, and it will look after itself in the future.

Main Takeaways: Skincare in your 20s is a lot about prevention. It’s crucial to begin a skincare routine to help prevent sun damage and common signs of aging.

Good to Know: Don’t go to sleep with your makeup on. The makeup and dirt and oil from the day will clog your pores if left on overnight.

Recommended Products:  Damascene Melting Cleanser & Boosting Face Tonic 

  • Boosting Face Tonic (200ml)


Skincare for your 30's

In your 30s, it's important to start using healthy aging products, by starting in your 30s, you may prevent signs of aging, so you'll have less to deal with later. 

Main Takeaways: A little extra care is now needed to keep your skin glowing!

Good to Know: Introducing targeted products that contain effective actives is a good idea in your 30s such as Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid.

Recommended Products: Illuminate Moisturiser & Cherry Peel Off Face Mask

Skincare for your 40's

While some may call the twenties our defining decade, our forties is when we really start to see our skin change. Our skin experiences everything from a loss of volume, elasticity, and hydration and signs of sun damage begin to appear. As the skin starts to hit this transition stage, it’s therefore vital to look after it!

Main Takeaways: Skin cell turnover and collagen production is likely to have reduced to almost half of what it was in your 20s. 

Good to Know: Turning back the clock when it comes to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is easier said than done, but not impossible.

Recommended Products: Illuminate Facial Polish & Collagen Serum Infused Sheet Mask

Skincare for your 50's

Every face tells a story, and in your 50’s it may be becoming a little more descriptive! No matter how well you’ve taken care of your skin, the subtle signs of ageing like loss of firmness, wrinkles and uneven skin tone, can begin to show in your 50s.

Main Takeaways: As we get older, our body's way of moisturising the skin, which is by creating oils, tends to slow down. So the skin gets drier as you get older, but hyaluronic acid is a very effective moisturiser because it can hold many times its weight in water.

Good to Know: Now is the perfect time to power up with effective anti-ageing skincare products that will help you look as young as you feel.

Recommended Products: Pearl & Gold Face Mask & Gold Contour Eye Serum With Hyaluronic Acid


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