How to protect your skin pre and post workout

So, you’ve decided to get on it and revolutionise your fitness routine, but now you’re left wondering how on earth to look after your skin through all the sweat, blood and tears, right? We hear you! We’ve all been there, don’t worry - it really can seem like a bit of a minefield trying to balance skincare, keeping fit and healthy, and living a fun life!

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be tricky or complicated, and really, it’s just about knowing exactly how to approach protecting your skin before and after you work out. Having a simple routine to follow is the trick to making it seem like an easy and seamless part of your day, and prioritising the right sort of products at the right time, and the right techniques at the right time can be the difference between clogged skin and clear skin.

The key thing to remember is that cleansing and ensuring your skin is as clean as possible is pivotal to both before and after exercise. Going into a workout with a clean face will lead to less breakouts and less clogging when it comes to sweating. Imagine a face full of foundation combined with sweat too - exactly, it’s not the one! It’s true that exercise can be super beneficial for our skin, but protecting it afterwards from the effects of dehydration, excess moisture and dirt is an integral element to ensuring that post-workout glow is maintained. 

We’ve delved into our pre and post-workout tips so that you can have a little checklist at your command. Who knows, maybe it will even motivate you to get moving too! We all love a glowing complexion, after all...

Pre-workout tips


Make sure you are starting your workout routine with the cleanest complexion possible. That way, you won’t be putting your skin all in a muddle with a combination of sweat, dirt, make-up and dehydration. We recommend using our Damascene Melting Cleanser.


Refresh your skin with a facial mist, such as our Boosting Face Tonic with Aloe Vera.


Pop something hydrating and gentle on your skin so that your body is prepared for the loss of moisture. Using a good moisturiser throughout exercise can keep your skin from drying out and support it through a tough workout. We recommend using our Everyday Cream.

Drink water

Drink plenty of water pre and during your workout to maximise your fluid levels and allow your skin to stay as hydrated as possible.

Wear SPF

Planning on working out outside? Make sure you wear SPF to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, and don’t forget to protect your lips, too!

Post-workout tips


Get straight out of your clothes as soon as possible after a workout. Leggings and compression wear don't tend to be particularly breathable and trapping the sweat, oil and dead skin close to your body is a no-go! It’s likely to cause breakouts, so aim to strip off as soon as you can.


There it is again! But seriously, it’s super important. Make sure you cleanse thoroughly after taking part in any form of fitness. You want to ensure that any debris, sweat or excess oil are cleaned out from your pores. We recommend using our Illuminate Melting Cleanser.

Go gentle

Steer clear of exfoliating products and don’t scrub your skin too hard. Your skin can be sensitive after exercise and prone to micro-abrasions so you want to make sure you don’t cause any damage.

Opt for serum

When it comes to your face, opt for a gentle serum that will allow your skin to regenerate and will nurture the redness, instead of making it worse. We recommend our Illuminate Face Serum.


Don’t forget about your body, too. Your skin all over will be crying out for moisturiser and hydration, plus fungal acne can be common in those who exercise a lot. Make sure you wash your body well and then apply a good hydration product. We recommend our Hydrating Body Milk.

There you go! It’s as easy as 1,2,3, so there are no excuses now… See you out there!

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