Your holiday skincare routine

It can be easy to forget about your usual skincare routine when you’re in the throws of a lovely summer holiday, right? But it’s more important than ever that you keep your skin hydrated, protected and focus on damage repair on an evening after a day in the sun. You can keep it simple, it doesn’t need to be a huge faff. Generally, remember to cleanse and protect on a morning, and cleanse, replenish and moisturise on an evening. Doesn’t sound too tricky, does it? Here are our top tips for a good holiday skincare routine:

Morning tips 

Cleanse first thing

Start your day off on a good note with a cleanser. Holidays can be quite the barrage of moments on your skin compared to normal, what with sun cream, sand, sun and sweat, so making sure you start the day as clean as possible is the best way forward. Opt for something soothing, moisturising and something that will reduce inflammation or irritation.

Replenish vitamin-C

Once you’ve cleansed, follow up with a day cream that is rich in Vitamin C, as it contains powerful antioxidants that can fight off harmful environmental toxins that your skin might come into contact with throughout the day. Our Everyday Cream is a perfect holiday option. The gentle face cream is infused with sweet almond oil, grape-seed oil and pomegranate oil, the perfect ingredients for a nourishing moisturiser. Plus, it’s not too heavy to have sitting on your face below your sunscreen.

Lather in sunscreen

If you’re holidaying in a hot country, please make sure you lather your skin in sun protection, and opt for one that is as moisturising as it is protecting. Go for a gentle SPF and high factor cream on your face, and nothing that will make you feel clogged and stressed. We all want to enjoy our holiday after all, and not feel like a shiny sweaty mess!

Evening tips

Cleanse again

Make sure all that sunscreen, sweat and sand is off the skin as soon as you get in from your activities for the day. Have a cooling shower and wipe off any residue left on your skin with a gentle cleanser and some water. If packing is an issue, double up on the same cleanser as the one you use in the morning! 

Exfoliate well

Twice a week on holiday you should be looking to exfoliate your skin. People don’t tend to want to do this, as they’re worried it will rub their newly-glowing tan off but rest assured, it’ll actually help you to form a better, more even tan. When your skin has been replenished and isn’t covered in dry patches, you’ll notice your summer glow more. During sun exposure, our skin actually thickens over time and that’s why it begins to peel after a few days. Exfoliating our skin keeps it soft and allows the tan to build up in a lasting manner.

Rehydrate skin

No matter how much water you’ve drank throughout the day on holiday, chances are sweating, sun exposure and salty water have caused your skin to be much more dehydrated than normal. Make sure you replace the moisture and focus on replenishing your skins’ hydration levels with something such as our Hydrating Milk. Products containing jojoba oil are brilliant as the natural ingredient is rich in vitamin E and B – helping in damage control and skin repair (perfect to soothe sunburn). Ensuring that you’re always hydrated will ward off saggy and dull skin - and no one wants that on holiday, do they?

Make your tan pop

Another great hydrating option is Coconut Oil (we’ve even got a handy little travel set with it in!) and it is perfect for making your tan stand out and your skin smell like an exotic escape.

Oh, and if you’re lucky enough to be enjoying a beautiful holiday sometime soon (we’re not jealous at all, we promise…), share some snaps with us on socials and let us know how our products are helping you in the heat!

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