How to: Illuminate facial

The Illuminate Facial is one of our best loved spa treatments. You will find it listed as one of the hero treatments at nearly all Natural Spa Factory partner spas. It's incredible for every skin type, it's Gender Neutral, free from nasties (of course!) and will make skin feel, look and smell incredible.

What inspired the Illuminate facial?

The Illuminate skincare collection is inspired by Geisha women, who have used rice bran for centuries to cleanse their skin and remove the thick, heavy make up. Rice bran forms the foundation of the collection which is infused with rice water and alpine plants.

The result? Skin is illuminated, age spots are visibly reduced and sebum production is reduced.

Who is the Illuminate facial for?

The Illuminate Collection is great for Every Body - but especially good for healthy ageing skin. You will see skin pigmentation lighten, dark circles will start to disappear and age spots will be lightened with regular use. The beauty of natural, results driven skincare.

Important to note: the rice bran is also incredible for helping to minimise excess sebum - or, in layman's terms - making skin less oily! By minimising the production of sebum, the Illuminate facial also helps to reduce the appearance of pores, black heads and break outs - leaving a glowing, radiant skin tone.

Furthermore - hurrah! - the Illuminate Facial is mostly vegan. The Illuminate Face Polish does contain beeswax, so when doing the facial at home, opt for the Bamboo Facial Polish as a vegan alternative. Above all, a vegan facial, which is results driven thanks to natural ingredients? Does it get any better than this?!

Where can I experience the Illuminate facial?

The Illuminate Facial is available at the majority of Natural Spa Factory partner spas; here's a handful of spas around the UK where you can experience the Illuminate Facial:

Pennyhill Park (Surrey), The Coniston (Yorkshire) Lifehouse Spa & Hotel (Essex), The Grand Hotel (Brighton), Ribby Hall (Lancashire), Evergreen Spa (Lincolnshire), Norfolk Mead Hotel (Norfolk), Lea Marston Hotel & Spa (West Midlands), Nant Ddu Lodge (Brecon), Knightsbrook Hotel (County Meath, Ireland), Vita Skin (Wiltshire), Tewkesbury Park Hotel (Cheltenham), Brightlife (Isle of Man).

One of the best things about the Illuminate Collection: you can also do the facial in the comfort of your own home with our Illuminate Facial Collection. Here's our step-by-step guide to do the Illuminate Facial:

Cleanse with the Illuminate melting cleanser

Warm a pea-sized amount between the finger tips - this transforms the gel into an oil texture. Massage onto the face and neck. This will lift grime, sweat, sebum and make up. Once massaged onto the face, add a splash of water to emulsify. Remove with a warm flannel, cloth, or damp cotton pads.

Polish with the Illuminate facial polish

Massage a 5p sized amount on to the face and neck, in a circular motion. Above all, this will feel incredibly relaxing, will lift dead skin cells, excess grime and the micro-ionized rice will also be soaking up excess sebum. Remove with a warm flannel and warm water.

Face mask

The fun part! Select either the Illuminate Cream Mask or the Illuminate Peel Off Mask. The Illuminate Cream Mask is packed with shea butter and protecting beeswax, so this is not a vegan friendly skincare option. Slather on to skin, leave for 15 minutes, and remove with a warm flannel. The Illuminate Peel Off Mask comes in a powder format, so mix vigorously with water as per the instructions and apply to the face. Leave on the skin for 10-15 minutes, and remove in one piece (this is incredibly satisfying!).

Tone the face the Illuminate facial toner

This will remove final traces of the face mask, help to shrink pores and remove final traces of grime, sweat and sebum. Simply spritz on to a cotton pad, and sweep over the face and neck.

Apply the Illuminate face serum

First of all: a little goes a long way - so a single half-pump from the bottle to the finger tips will be fine. Dab on to the face, focusing on areas of concern - fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and dark circles.


Smooth the Illuminate Moisturiser on to the face. Massage on to the face and neck. The serum will act as a vector to all of the goodness in the moisturiser, pulling it deep in to the skin's core to regulate pigmentation and oil production. Skin will drink in the jojoba oil, and the face will be left feeling hydrated, and looking radiant.

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