At Natural Spa Factory this Winter, we're backing strength & balance. We're not going to be depriving ourselves - but we will be pushing ourselves. Within the NSF ranks we have runners, Iron men, Gaelic footballers, netballers, hockey players, surfers and snowboarders. We even have a personal trainer visit the office on a Monday - because a healthy team is a happy team! But balance is massively important - we are also lovers of food, good wine & great cakes, and we hate to deprive ourselves!

With our emphasis on strength & balance, we wanted to share with you one of our partners that do it to the max - The 1Rebel Family.

King of Gyms, 1Rebel, are connoisseurs of the work hard, play hard ethos. With the choice of classes including Ride, Reshape or Rumble, it’s fitness simplified, but with a wicked edge. Prosecco Fridays promise bubbles, beats & live rides, and you can expect to see guest MC’s to keep adrenaline & endorphins at an all-time high for the duration of your workout.  If you really want to push yourself, try the Shock & Shred Challenge 9 classes in 10 days. Yikes.

At the head of the 1Rebel army, the 1Rebel trainers are leading the charge. We caught up with Master trainer, Robyn Marsh - self professed strictly no-nonsense trainer who discovered the world or fitness after moving to London and immersing herself in the fitness world. She promises that you'll leave one of her classes dripping in sweat, but with a massive grin. Sign us up!

1rebel vanity

(You can find Natural Spa Factory skincare & bodycare in the super luxe changing rooms at 1Rebel gyms - what better way to end a high intense session than with an Illuminate facial?!)

Robyn 1 rebel 2

How did you become part of the 1Rebel army? 

After attending a reshape session July 2015 I knew I had to be a part of the army, went straight upstairs and enquired about auditioning. I’ve never looked back!

 What are your gym kit essentials?

High waisted leggings that don’t fall down mid burpee and a strong hair tie that won’t snap. The gyms have everything to remove make up, including Illuminate Cleanser and Toner & for post work out showering; it’s great not to worry about carrying products.

 Do you have any pre class rituals – (fuel, hydrate, cleanse etc)? 

Before a 1Rebel session I always cleanse and take all my makeup off with the cleansers and toners at the gyms. If you are working hard enough that mascara will run girls!

 Most memorable class you’ve ever taken/ been part of? 

The most memorable class I’ve ever been to was Jono’s Pride Ride at 1Rebel, we went all out and had drag queens, rainbow coloured everything and the atmosphere and love in the room was undeniable.

 Music to motivate – what is your go to, get pumped track? 

If I’m really not feeling up for a workout and I need to get in the mood it’s usually a faithless track with a dirty beat drop. Maxi jazz just knows how to pump me up.

How do you unwind after a class, or in the evenings after an endorphin-filled day? 

After a long day of teaching, there’s nothing better than a hot shower & cuddles on the couch in my pjs with my husband watching a box set and not having to talk to much after a day of going for it on the mic

Balance – what’s your off-duty go to treat? 

A dirty burger, a large Hendricks and tonic or five and any form of cheesecake

What is the best feeling in the world?

Being with my husband 

Daily skincare – talk to us, what’s your routine?

I’m a bit lazy as I don’t really wear makeup in the week but I try to tone and moisturise, usually at the gym pre & post class!

Make up in the gym – Slap it on or swipe it off? 

No no! Take it off and get your sweat on! 

What skincare faux pas are you most guilty of?

Oh gosh I’m awful if I’ve been on a night out I just jump into bed and don’t take my makeup off!

How do you soothe tired & over worked muscles? 

I try to get a monthly sports massage

What’s your ultimate pamper treat? 

Manicure and pedi at the same time on my own. Total me time.

Have you got a favourite spa or salon – and what is it they do that keeps you coming back? 

I love the spa at Shoreditch House - it’s just so luxury, and you can watch girly movies whilst being pampered.

When are you at your most fearless? 

When I’m on the ride instructor bike I just go wild! 

Fitness goals – you recently completed your first half marathon – any other challenges on the horizon? 

Not at the moment but I’m sure there will be more to come. I’d like to do another half and beat my time... I’m not sure if I’m up for a full marathon though! Haha!

Who is your fitness icon? 

Esmee Gummer- my best friend, colleague and mentor who was paralysed from the waist down aged 18 and taught herself to walk again against the odds. She’s my inspiration.

3 things on your bucket list? 

Live and work in LA, climb Machu Pichu and travel South America and run my own fitness retreat.


Follow 1Rebel, Robyn & Esmee on Instagram to discover more about her version of strength & balance and to fuel your sk:inspiration in the fitfam arena: @1rebeluk @gingerfitnessldn @esmee_ldn

You can find Natural Spa Factory products fuelling skin & showers at 1Rebel clubs in London.

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