Go make up free: How to get your spring glow

It’s an exciting time at the moment, hey? We can see spring and summer on the horizon.

It’s time to get the spring back in our steps. It’s worth pointing out, too, that there are actually likely some huge positives to have come for your skin and beauty over the last few months.

Been largely spending your days working from home make-up free? Well, your skin has had the breather it’s deserved after years of all-day make up wearing. Cut the early morning commute on the tube or the busy walk to work? That face of yours has been thanking you for the protection it’s had from dirt and pollution this year.

What we’re trying to say is: your skin could actually be in the best place its been for years, and it’s a brilliant base for setting about to get that spring glow and spring in your step.

Going make up free comes with a whole host of benefits. From allowing your skin time to recalibrate and for the surface to become more balanced, as well as exposing your skin to less bacteria, to not drawing attention to fine lines – the benefits are pretty far-reaching. That’s not to mention the empowerment factor of stripping back and embracing the naked face.

So, how do you get that real make up free spring glow? Here are our top tips:

Cold shower

Start the day with a cooling shower (hot water can dry skin out), and refresh your skin ready for the day ahead. A cold shower will tighten the skin and constrict blood flow, which is great for giving skin a healthy and natural glow.


Possibly one of the most integral elements to achieving glowing skin, hydrating and making sure you’ve consumed enough water and that your skin has enough moisture is key. Drink a large glass of water before you morning coffee and spend some time each morning moisturising your skin. If you don’t fancy the heaviness of a thick moisturiser in the morning, try dry body oil instead such as the Illuminate Dry Body Oil.


Get the glow

Naturally, skin tends to be a little more radiant in the spring and summer months anyway thanks to the Vitamin D boosts from the sun. But a great way to add a healthy-looking dewiness to your face is to start the day with something such as our cold pressed, Organic Baobab Oil. Another good way of achieving a nice make up free boost is to use something like our 23 Carat Gold & Caviar Dry Body Oil. It will enhance your natural tan and give you that little extra shine. Oh, and don’t forget a good SPF too.



Evening preparation is key to a good spring glow the next day. Once you’ve cleansed and wiped away the sweat, dirt and stress of the day, apply something cooling to the eyes (cucumber works a treat) and take away any inflammation. Keep a bottle of Boosting Facial Tonic in the fridge and finish the day with a cold spritz across the face to reduce any redness.

  • Boosting Face Tonic (200ml)



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