Why is exfoliation good for us?

Found yourself neglecting the old exfoliation routine of late? Don’t worry, you’re not alone – we all know it’s good for our skin, but many of us don’t know where to start. That’s why we’ve put you together this short and sweet how-to guide, so that your skin is soft for summer and ready to tan!

Exfoliation is brilliant for clearing dry and dead skin, in the process increasing radiance, clarity and youthfulness. It removes impurities, cleanses skin and creates a more even texture and complexion.

Desquamation is the body's natural process of exfoliation, or in other words the shedding of dry, old, hardened skin cells to make way for new cells to come through. Often, our body needs a little extra help to keep the skin buff, polished and fresh.

You’ll find that exfoliation is especially helpful if you have an oily skin complexion. Those with oily skin have a slowed-down process of desquamation, so sometimes you’ll need a helping hand in order to get your body and skin to rid itself of dulling skin cells.

But for everyone and all skin types, exfoliation unclogs pores and prevents the formation of whiteheads and blackheads. In the same way, it can also reduce and prevent acne, too. By having your pores unblocked, exfoliating also allows for products to penetrate more deeply and, therefore, more effectively. Without exfoliation, dead skin becomes a barrier between your skincare and your skin.

Aside from unclogging pores, though, the motion and physical process of exfoliation is brilliant for lymphatic drainage and boosting circulation. The movements on your skin stimulate the cells and boost cellular health to reveal glowy, radiant skin – and let’s face it, this is exactly what we all want for summer, right? While stimulating the skin, it also stimulates collagen synthesis, so over time, it could reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  

To be honest, the long list of positive effects that come from regular exfoliation goes on and on – we’ve only just scratched the surface! It’s a pretty powerful and natural tool to make a regular part of your wellbeing and skincare routine. Find that you don’t know how to do it properly or where to start? Let’s break it down into an easy-to-follow exfoliating routine. Ready?

Start with an all-over dry brushing
Working in light, circular motions, use a dry brush from the bottom to the top, beginning at your feet and working upward. Used properly, it can help soften skin, reduce the appearance of cellulite and boost circulation.

Pick the right product
Opt for something such as our Strawberry and Elderflower Salt Scrub, which is gentle but will energize your complexion and slough away impurities. The key here is to go for a product that will get deep into your skin but won’t irritate it or cause any inflammation. View our full range of scrubs here.

Apply to dry skin
Apply your scrub to clean, dry skin with your fingers but avoid the eye area – that’s somewhere that doesn’t need exfoliation

Wet your fingers
With wet fingers, gently massage the scrub over your skin. Make small, circular motions and make sure you are being as gentle as possible. The aim is to stimulate the skin and cells, bit not to irritate or be too overzealous.

Rinse and moisturise
Follow up with a shower, but don’t use any gels or soaps so that the oils can penetrate the skin. Exfoliating can leave the skin drier than before, so replace moisture with something such as our Illuminate Moisturiser.

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