5 Reasons you should be using a face oil

If the thought of putting oils on your face brings break outs and oily skin to mind, think again! The Egyptians started it 5,000 years ago, and we’ve been doing it ever since. Not only is it our favourite part of the daily routine (so relaxing!), it's incredible for your skin. Here's five reasons you should be using a face oil.

1. Face oils are seriously hydrating

Winter means lots of recirculated hot air. All of that hot air will suck moisture from skin, leaving it looking dehydrated, prematurely ageing with fine lines that don't need to be there! We love pure oil as it can be more hydrating than a moisturiser. An abundance of oleic and linoleic acids work in tandem to hydrate, soothe and calm skin by supporting the skin's barrier function.

2. Face oils are super calming for sensitive skin

Many oils possess anti-inflammatory properties, which can help soothe easily irritated skin. Combat flaky and red winter skin with a pure oil. The passion flower (passiflora incarnate), was originally used by the Aztecs to calm anxiety and relieve insomnia. We love it for the calming effect it also has on skin.  One of the best known sources of omega 6 fatty acids, it contains nearly 60% linoleic acid. The abundance of linoleic acid helps to restore barrier function, soothing skin to leave a balanced complexion.

3. Face oils make skin glow

This is what we're all here for - what is the best oil to make skin glow?! All pure facial oils will leave skin radiant and dewy. But if you're looking for some serious hydration and to leave skin radiant, the Baobab Oil does a great job. Baobab face oil is extracted from the seeds of the Baobab Tree (or Monkey Bread Tree), which stores water in its trunk and is able to withstand drought for years. So, probably not a coincidence that it is one of our most intensely hydrating oils. High in omegas three, six and nine, and vitamins A, D & E.

4. Face oils are healthy ageing

Wrinkles and sun spots can be the result of free radical damage. A flood of antioxidants will support skin, and help to prevent further signs of ageing. Dehydration can also be ageing for the skin - so a good slather of oil will keep skin nourished and hydrated. We are regularly asked: what's the best face oil for wrinkles? Our go-to choice for a healthy ageing face oil is the antioxidant packed Organic Rosehip Oil. One of the best face oils for mature skin, the Rosehip Oil is high in antioxidants that penetrate deep in to the skin, with vitamins A and E helping to stimulate collagen production.

5. Face oil are great for spotty skin

Our default setting for treating oily skin is to try and strip back the oils, dry the skin out and leave it feeling tight. This is one of the worst things you can do! When you strip oily skin of its oils, it will just work harder to replace them. Gently cleanse skin, and then slather it in a naturally protecting, mildly antibacterial facial oil. The best face oil for acne prone skin is jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is technically a wax - it's structure is actually closer to a waxy esters. This means it mimics the skin's natural face oil production very closely - making it the best face oil for oily skin.

How to use face oils

Face oils are wonderfully multifunctional - we use them in lots of spa treatments, in many different ways. Here's our best tips on how to use a face oil:

Apply face oil in the evening before bed

Skin repairs faster at night with the increased production of two key hormones: HGH (human growth hormone) and Melatonin.  It’s good to give skin a natural boost. We’ve devised the Dusk to Dawn Night Repair Oil lend a helping hand – with skin repairing neroli, regenerating rosewood & vitamin packed sweet orange. The total blend of 9 pure oils can also promote relaxation – perfect to help switch off at the end of a busy day, and ensure glowing & hydrated skin the next day. There’s permanently a bottle on our bedside table...

Use face oil as a natural cleansing balm

Incredibly kind and gentle, the oil will lift and shift dirt and grime. Massage face oil on the the face and neck, before gently sweeping a warm flannel or muslin over the face. The face oil can help remove make up, some face oils can be antibacterial, too.

Use face oil as a natural cleansing balm

One of our *favourite* tricks - especially in winter! A couple of drops of organic Rosehip Oil, blended with your chosen foundation will give a dewy glow. Make up applied to winter skin can sometimes look puckered or fine-lined. Add a few drops of face oil and - boom - plumped and dewy skin. We promise, you won't look back...

Use face oil instead of a face serum

Instead of a serum under your moisturiser, why not swap in a face oil? The nourishing properties of the oil will sink into skin, locking in moisture with the cream hydrating the top layers. It will keep skin nourished for longer, and will leave a radiant complexion. Alternatively, you could mix a few drops of pure face oil with your moisturizer to super charge it!

Face oil for boosting menopausal skin

During the menopause, collagen production starts to decline. Give skin a boost with vitamin C enriched neroli and sweet orange oils. With essential fatty acids in rosehip seed oil which can help promote skin regeneration overnight, and an uplifting, calming aroma to promote a restful night’s sleep. Nature’s elixir!

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