As the hot weather is upon us, what better way to cool down and enjoy the summer sun than a refreshing homemade drink. Ensuring all of our recipes are alcohol-free with a multitude of health benefits, you can be sure that these delicious mocktails will keep you glowing all summer long. So pull up your sun lounger and sit back as these quick and easy, super tasty tipples transport you to paradise. Bottoms up!


Lime and Lemongrass Caipirinhas

Inspired by our Lime & Lemongrass Body Salt Scrub

There’s nothing better than a burst of citrus flavours to quench your thirst, and this recipe has just that! With a blend of cooling lime and exotic lemongrass, this revitalising summer mocktail is high in vitamin A and C, aiding healthy digestion, rejuvenating skin and relieving anxiety. Abundant in zesty flavours, it’s sure to get your taste buds tingling!

Ingredients (serves 6)

 6 x limes (cut into wedges)

1 x stalk of lemongrass (remove leaves and cut into thin rings)

30g brown sugar (1 x tablespoon agave syrup for a sugar-free alternative)

Handful of crushed ice for each glass

Ginger beer

6 x stalks of lemongrass to decorate


Tools Needed

 6 x 300ml glasses (or whatever your preference!)

1 x Cutting Knife

1 x Chopping Board

1 x Stirring spoon


  1. Evenly distribute the lime wedges, lemongrass rings and sugar into each glass
  2. Lightly mash together with a drop of ginger beer to release the flavours
  3. Add a handful of crushed ice to each glass and fill to the top with ginger beer
  4. Serve with a stalk of lemongrass for decoration et voila!

Need an extra pick me up? Use Cachaca instead of ginger beer


Strawberries and Cream-a-colada Ice Lollies

Inspired by our Strawberry & Cream Body Salt Scrub

A tasty twist on a summertime classic and who doesn’t love an ice lolly?! Using creamed coconut and fresh strawberries this sweet concoction is not only beneficial to your metabolism, immunity and heart health, it’s also 100% vegan. The perfect guilt-free treat!

Ingredients (makes 8 ice lollies)

1 x 400g punnet of strawberries

1 x can of creamed coconut or full-fat coconut milk

1 x juice of lime

75g caster sugar



Tools Needed

Food blender or processor

Ice lolly mould

Ice lolly sticks (if mould does not include them)

1 x Pan

1 x Sieve

1 x Cutting Knife

1 x Chopping Board

1 x Stirring spoon


  1. Heat the caster sugar in a pan with 3tbsp water until the sugar is dissolved. Simmer for 1 minute and then remove from the heat
  2. Using a blender, blend 200g of the strawberries along with the creamed coconut, lime juice and dissolved caster sugar. Blend until mixed together
  3. Evenly distribute into ice lolly moulds
  4. Slice the remaining strawberries and gently push into each mould
  5. Secure ice lolly sticks and freeze overnight. When ready, run the moulds under warm water to release the ice lollies and enjoy!

Looking for a little more oomph? Add 120ml Malibu into the mixture



Apricot Bellini

Inspired by our Organic Apricot Oil

For a more sophisticated beverage the infamous Italian bellini has been spruced up for summer with fruity apricot and a dash of cooling mint. Full to the brim with nutritious vitamins and minerals, this low calorie, timeless mocktail is high in antioxidants and promotes healthy skin cell production – the perfect fruity summer refreshment.

Ingredients (serves 2)

8 x ripe apricots

1 x tbsp white sugar

Sparkling grape juice

2 x sprigs of mint to decorate


Tools Needed

Food blender or processor

2 x champagne flutes

1 x Cutting Knife

1 x Chopping Board

1 x Stirring spoon


  1. Wash and halve the apricots, removing the pits
  2. Save one half of an apricot for garnishing and cut the rest into chunks
  3. Blend the apricots with 4 tbsp of water and sugar until smooth
  4. Divide the apricot puree between the glasses and top off with sparkling grape juice
  5. Garnish with a slice of apricot and a sprig of mint and you’re set to go!

Want a little more kick? Use Prosecco instead of sparkling grape juice.





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