Are vegan products better for your skin? Vegan Month 2020

I tried vegan cheese for the first time this year.  I didn’t hate it (which surprised me), but I can’t say that it will make it to the top my weekly shopping list either.  So why did I decide to give it a go? Well, I’ve been reading – a lot – about the health benefits of going vegan and the continuing rise in the popularity of vegetarian and vegan diets.  November actually marks World Vegan Month and November 1st specifically was World Vegan Day.  Ialso amazes me that 2020 apparently became the year that every one of the top UK supermarkets had their own vegan range (according to The Vegan Society). 

We’ve actually been producing and stocking vegan beauty & vegan hair products dedicated to the conscientious consumer here at Natural Spa Factory for some time.  We now stock over 100 products including vegan shampoo and conditioner, vegan moisturiser and vegan beauty products; they sell really well both to our retail customers and our trade partners. 

But is there a difference?  Are vegan products better for your skin? 

To a degree, it’s personal preference.  But without animal ingredients vegan products can be better for your skin.  They can be less likely to irritate or aggravate the skin because they contain less ingredients. 

Don’t assume though that because a product is vegan that it’s also not been tested on animals We don’t test on animals and walso make a point of not selling to countries that practice animal testing either. 

So, whilst I might not be fully embracing vegan cheese in my everyday diet; plant power - bring it on! 

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