5 Tips To Creating a Lockdown Spa at Home

So - deep breath, here we go again! By the time you read this blog England (where the Natural Spa Factory is based) will be back into a national lockdown. It’s a tricky time for everyone, more so perhaps because we’re spending more time indoors (particularly as - second time around - it’s much colder).

It’s also National Spa Week this week but, sadly, many of our colleagues in spas across the country will be closed from November 5th until at least December 1st.
So you might not feel you have the time, money or, quite frankly, the inclination at present for a much needed spa treatment - but let’s take stock. This is exactly the time when self care should be a priority. So how can we make that work at home and still feel like we’ve had a well deserved treat? Or do you know someone with a lockdown birthday - a spa lockdown gift box could be just the thing to help them feel like they've still been able to celebrate.

Here are our top tips to creating a lockdown spa day experience at home:
  1. Clear time in your schedule, just as you would if you were able to visit your favourite spa. Set aside an evening, a full day or even a weekend to have a luxurious lockdown spa day at home!

  2. Set the tone! Play some soft music - check out our Natural Spa Factory Spotify playlist to hit the right note. Light a scented candle (our Fig Massage Candle is one of my favourites) and turn down the lights.

  3. Create a luxurious bathtime experience with a few of your favourite products. Some of my favourites are our Comforting Star Anise and Ginger Body Scrub and the wonderful Illuminate Dry Body Oil (great for after your bath!)

  4. Double-up on the luxury with a nourishing hair treatment and face mask. Our Organic Cocoa Face Drench Mask leaves the skin feeling replenished and glowing and is a real treat for chocolate lovers!

  5. And how about creating a ‘survival kit’ to make your lockdown spa experience really special? After my pampering, my own lockdown survival kit will include a date with Netflix under a cosy blanket accompanied by a bottle of my favourite wine, Deliveroo delivering something tasty to my door, followed by a tub of Grom Gelato Al Cioccolato. 


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