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It seems teenage skin has become a test ground for every cosmetic and skincare product out there. Bedrooms can be filled with baskets and bags filled with the stuff but, is this right? Read our top tips for caring for teenage skin....
  • In a world of social media and mostly fabulous beauty bloggers, celebs, make-up artists & the experimental, our youngsters just want to emulate. They’re keen to try everything out, not realising that their young skin can’t handle that much ‘crap’. Under normal circumstances teenage spa pamper treatments are less about application, and more about ‘how to look after your skin’.  They are a fab treat for both mum (or dad - go on be brave!) and child. Think chill with a mani or pedi, cleanse, tone or moisturise topped off by a spot of lunch. What a fab way to spend time together!However without this luxury fully available to us we find ourselves seeking ways of doing this at home, find out suitable products for particular skin type e.g. sensitive or oily NOT anti-ageing. Teens might love a parents favourite lotion, but it may just not be suitable for their younger skin. Why not invest in a little tube of something just for them. If they are going to use products on their face, then a good place to start is with something sensitive; no harsh chemicals, no harsh actives. Our oils could be a good start even if they have spots;
Passion Flower Youth Blast hydrating and light on the skin and non-comedogenic (doesn’t block pores) Apricot Oil – great for sensitive or dry skin bursting with vitamins A and E. Jojoba Liquid Wax – anti-bacterial, prevents damage from free radicals.
  • Have at least half the week (if not more) make up, product & lotion & potion FREE. We’re taught to always remove our make-up, but what we’re encouraging is adding more and more product to our skin. Our skin needs time to repair and If they can’t live without make-up, be careful with the removal process. You can over cleanse by stripping the skin of its natural oils again.
  • Spots and pimples - they’re probably going to get squeezed whether it’s we like it or not. In truth, this can be ok as long as fingers and nails are clean. We’d also encourage doing a home steam once a month. Put hot water into the sink and towel over the head, use clean hands & nails to remove blackheads and a towel to pat dry. It has the added benefit that it’s a completely free home spa treatment.
  • It’s hard but try and steer clear of the cheap, pocket money stuff they can afford it is not great and often the ingredients in them can be really harmful for young skin. MI and MCI (Methylchloroisothiazolinone) is one such ingredient. It’s a preservative and often found in many high street brands. Our advice is to steer clear. And, if they are imported from China then they will probably have been tested on animals.
  • Diet really plays an important part and yep, you’ve guessed it WATER – drink loads of it. Keeping fit is not directly linked to skin health but again it reduces stress hormones. Sport is great but rubbing the sweat off your face with dirty hands can spread bacteria, a good splash of water is all it takes to remove a substantial amount of dirt and a clean towel and if they hate sport introduce them to something that combines slower movement and mind agility like yoga. Yoga is not just for the mummy and the middle classes circuit and can be especially great for teens.
  • Create your own home spa, just add music, candles, gentle face mask, (our recommends are cucumber and tea tree & willow) nail care and painting. And, who doesn’t love a bath we have a range of sweet & clean scrubs that are a perfect accompaniment for pongy teens ( strawberry & elderflower, yuzu and watermelon and bladdewrack & peppermint) You can also create your own home pamper masks with the contents of your fridge e.g. plain yogurt or banana can be a great face mask, it won’t have any real benefits but it’ gentle, natural and fun plus it’s a great way of bonding & having fun with a ‘non-communicating’ teen. But please use straight away.
  • You’re never too young to look after your skin. If you are a parent of a teenager, what better way to treat and/or de-stress them by taking them for a pamper at your local spa or salon? While there, hopefully they will learn lifelong skills for healthy, bright clear skin and realise that beauty isn’t all about fake eyelashes, enormous boobs and trout pouts. The professionals we work with are experts at knowing how to look after stressed out, spotty, greasy skin. They know that during exams, stress can cause havoc to often normal skin and they will reassure even the most hormonal teenager that breakouts can be perfectly normal.
  • Finally, if you’re feeling particularly flush then a teen pamper party is a great hit for younger teens. For older ones www.realbeautyspaparty.co.uk visit your home and help make products and you get a glass of fizz or a smoothie. Massage and heat treatments may sound decadent but they can relax even young bodies and this can help with hormonal changes, exam stress and friendship worries  so if you’re going all out then get in touch with your favourite spa and see what’s available. If you can’t find anywhere let us know we may be able to help.

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