Facial Exfoliation: Your Questions Answered!

There can sometimes be confusion around whether to exfoliate your face or not, so we’re on hand to answer some of your top questions.

Are face scrubs good for your skin?

Facial exfoliators often get a bad rap but the truth is, there’s multiple benefits of exfoliating your skin including unclogging pores, helping other skincare products to sink in deeper, brightening and improving skin tone, and cell renewal.

They key is choosing the right facial exfoliator and ensuring you use it correctly. Our Gold and Pearl Facial Polish contains grape leaf extract which combines natural fruit acids (AHAs) known to help renew the skin cells, active polyphenols which protect the skin and antioxidant properties for a healthy and youthful glow.

Can you use a facial polish daily?

We recommend adding exfoliation into your skincare routine 2-3 times a week. For those with skin types prone to redness and irritation, you may want to try adding exfoliation into your routine once a week, and then build up if it doesn’t cause irritation.

Can exfoliating cause Acne?

Typically exfoliation doesn’t cause acne, in fact it can actually help to reduce acne as it unclogs pores and removes dead skin cells that can often contribute to breakouts. However, like the first time, using any new skincare products, it can be considered normal for some to experience blemishes when first using a facial polish. These will reduce with time, once your skin has adjusted to the new routine.

Is it ok to exfoliate sensitive skin?

Most sensitive skin types can benefit from a once a week exfoliation, however if you have exceptionally sensitive, sun intolerant or rosacea prone skin, we recommend choosing exfoliating products designed for your skin type and testing on a small area before applying to your whole face. Our Illuminate Facial Polish uses rice grain to gently remove dead skin particles and is suitable for sensitive skin types.

How to exfoliate at home?

Don’t scrub! The temptation can be to rub your exfoliant into the skin but we advise using our facial polishes on damp skin and massaging it gently in a circular motion before rinsing off. Adding this into your routine will help keep your skin looking fresh and glowing without the irritation!

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