We've Got Christmas All Wrapped Up

As we approach the Festive Season, we’re excited to be able to share with you our 2023 Gift Collection. Christmas is a time to spend time with loved ones, friends and family and an opportunity to show your appreciation through the act of giving, and we have some beautiful gift sets that we’re sure anyone would be delighted to receive.

Our Seasonal Gifting range focuses on taking time to self-reflect, relax, and unwind.  Each gift has been mindfully put together to reflect this while maintaining our eco-conscious values as a brand, with carefully selected sustainable packaging wherever possible.  

Our self:care and sleep:care gift boxes are grown to order using sustainable mushroom mycelium.  Not only do they look great but they can be dropped into your green waste or planted in the garden to naturally break down after use.

We have also included a notecard in each gift box printed on Elephant Poo paper (don’t worry it’s totally clean and sterile!), each unique sheet of this tree free paper is hand made from elephant dung and residual cotton fibres from the clothing industry.  The use of this paper helps support the elephant sanctuaries that the dung comes from as an addition source of income.  We have printed the reverse with an attractive floral print which can be framed as a keepsake, or it can go straight into your compost.

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