Decoding Natural Ingredients: What 'Free From' Really Means.

In a world where skincare choices are abundant, the allure of natural ingredients has taken centre stage. The term 'Free From' has become a buzzword, promising cleaner, healthier products. But what does it truly mean in the realm of skincare?

 'Free From' essentially refers to products that are devoid of potentially harmful components in our case parabens, SLS and MI or MCI (Methylisothiazolinone). However, not all 'Free From' claims are equal. The skincare industry often capitalises on this trend, leading to a degree of ambiguity that consumers should navigate wisely and in our case, although there are ‘bad’ ingredients they will have generally been banned for use anyway, it’s how you use the ingredients and in what you use them and the combination is far more important.

While a product may be deemed 'Free From' certain chemicals, it doesn't necessarily guarantee effectiveness or safety. Some natural ingredients can cause allergies or irritations. Therefore, a holistic understanding of one's skin type and concerns is crucial. Transparency is essential and research into individual ingredients becomes paramount.

'Free From' products signify a shift in consumer consciousness as there is more information out there and consumers become more educated as to what works for them. However, this shift should extend to sustainable practices too, ethical sourcing and eco-friendly packaging.

Natural ingredients like aloe vera, tea tree oil, and shea butter are celebrated for their benefits. However, not every 'chemical-sounding' ingredient is harmful, and not every natural ingredient is suitable for everyone. It’s tricky but it’s always worth remembering that any UK brand worth its salt, has extensive testing on EVERY product, and safety above all else will be key.  

The 'Free From' desire underscores a growing need for transparent, conscientious skincare choices. Yet, it's crucial to demystify labels, understand individual skin needs, and consider broader ethical and environmental aspects. The pursuit of healthy skin goes beyond trends – it's a balanced, well-informed journey towards nurturing our skin and planet alike.



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