Waterless skincare and why it Matters

The pressure to live more sustainably can be overwhelming, but when you hear that t
he world's freshwater supply is depleting, and by 2050, two-thirds of the world's population will be living in water-stressed circumstances as individuals, it’s time to reconsider things

Waterless (AKA, anhydrous) skin, hair, and body innovations are already making waves in the industry and something we’ve incorporated into our ranges here at Natural Spa Factory for some time.

What is waterless skincare?

Waterless skincare is a hot topic with industry insiders. In simple terms, it means products that are free from water. Instead, products are bursting with botanical ingredients and oils, banishing the need for preservatives and unnecessary fillers.

Benefits of waterless skincare

  • Extended product lifespan 
  • Greater formula potency (not diluted down)
  • Less packaging
  • Less preservatives
  • More ethically sourced ingredients 
  • Travel-friendly cosmetics

Looking at the above it’s easy to see why waterless skincare is more eco-friendly than traditional skincare products. Often, the reduced ingredients list leads to cleaner formulae, and the condensed products require less packaging, resulting in less energy required during transportation – it’s a win, win in our eyes!

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