Rice Bran Oil - what it is and why we use it.

Japanese women have been using rice bran oil on their skin for centuries. And the workmen in Japanese Sake Factories are renowned for having the smoothest, softest hands. But what exactly is Rice Bran and what makes it so good for our skin?

What is Rice Bran?

Rice Bran Oil (Oryza sativa) is derived from the hard, outer layer of rice—the bran. Bran is a by-product of rice production and after being harvested, the bran is either pressed by hand or cold pressed through machinery to obtain the oil.

What are the benefits?

Rice Bran contains high levels of Vitamins B and E, and is an excellent hydrator and anti-ager. It also contains squalene, which occurs naturally in human sebum so is well tolerated by the skin and helps restore hydration. Gamma-oryzanol, a rare component, particularly helps promote circulation to effectively even skin tone.

What type of skin benefits most from Rice Bran?

All skin types! It’s especially suitable for skin that’s sensitive or prone to redness due to its calming properties.


Our Illuminate range is packed with nourishing natural ingredients including Rice Bran Oil to help tackle blemishes, even skin–tone and reduce the appearance of age spots.

Cleanser – With subtle notes of vanilla and white flower, this delicate honey gel fits perfectly in your daily facial routine. With a touch of water, it will create a milky emulsion perfect for cleansing your skin without stripping it.

Toner – A “Shake to Wake” Facial Toner, filled with rice bran oil, is light and gentle to the skin. Great for oily and sensitive skin, but kind to all skin types.

Moisturiser – Our illuminating face moisturiser is suitable for normal/ combination skin due to its lightness. A brightening face cream brimming with rice bran oil, vitamin E and jojoba oil to even out skin discolouration and lighten dark spots on the face.

Serum – Highly concentrated, this intensive gel serum focuses on and targets specific areas of concern, using oryzanol (rice bran) and alpine plants.

Facial Polish - A fine face scrub with micro particles of rice to buff away dull skin leaving it noticeably smoother and more radiant with beautiful subtle scent of vanilla and white flower.  An excellent exfoliator for sensitive skin.

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