Is there a synergy between beauty and active lifestyle?

Just as the age old saying, you are what you eat, rings somewhat true, the same could be said for getting outdoors, exercising and leading an active lifestyle.

There are no two ways around the fact that a healthy outlook and a healthy approach to life leads to a better relationship with our bodies and beauty, both physically and mentally. But, what about with our skin, in particular? Is there any synergy between beauty and good skin, and leading an active lifestyle?

Perhaps you’ve only really considered physical activity as having a benefit only in the strength of your body or organs? There’s actually a lot of positives that come from moving your body that can be seen in your appearance too, from reducing puffiness and helping blood flow to minimising the chances of acne breakouts and giving you the glow.

Looking after our skin after exercise is important too, of course. We’d recommend having a simple post-workout skincare routine that you can rely on and slot seamlessly into your daily routine. It doesn’t need to be complicated, but washing away the sweat and dirt is crucial. Start with a simple cleanser and then remember to replenish any lost hydration. Here at Natural Spa Factory, we love keeping a little bottle of our Boosting Face Tonic in the fridge for a post-workout cool down and a perfect way to re-hydrate the face.

So, the lowdown, let’s take a look at how it actually works! Here are a few ways in which an active lifestyle can have a positive effect on your beauty and perception of you.

Exercise creates changes on a cellular level in your skin

  • Each cell has something called mitochondria, which are essentially the engines of the cell. They produce a chemical that is known as ATP and, as we get older, mitochondria start to make less ATP. But, some studies have shown that exercise may reverse these mitochondrial changes within muscle.

Endorphins are great for our skin

  • The endorphins from being active and leading an active lifestyle reduce the levels of the stress hormone cortisol. In doing so, it makes us less likely to develop stressed skin, acne, or inflammation. Exercise is also proven to reduce stress in general, which can help reduce the effects of chronic skin conditions or stress-related conditions such as eczema.

Exercise also helps our sleep

  • So, indirectly, this also has a positive effect on our skin and our outward beauty. More sleep means our skin has more time to replenish and heal, and it’s less likely to appear inflamed or puffy, too.

The increase in blood flow helps to nourish the skin

  • Blood flow helps to carry away waste products, including free radicals, so it helps to cleanse your skin from the inside. Essentially, the post workout glow is real!

Sweat can be a good thing, too!

  • So long as you make sure you cleanse and wash well post-exercise, sweating can actually be a good thing for you skin – it’s actually pretty smart! When you sweat, your pores open up which helps your skin to be able to release impurities, toxins and revitalise.

Need we say more? We don’t know about you, but we might be doing some pavement pounding this week! Oh, and if you’re feeling motivated and want to protect your skin while you’re out in the great outdoors, try our Anti Pollution Face Mask.

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