How to save your hair in the last weeks of summer

Between the sun, sea and sand, our hair in the summer gets a pretty rough deal. You probably already know that cleansing is the most important step in your skincare routine. But did you know that it’s the most important one in your haircare routine too?

Fear not, we’ve got just the thing. Our summer hair survival relies on a few of our hair heroes to swaddle your summer hair in purifying, restorative, and hydrating magic...

Your Summer Haircare Routine

  1. Wear a hat - it sounds obvious, but wearing a hat keeps your hair protected from damage caused by direct sunlight

  2. Tweak your hair washing routine - you may be tempted to wash your hair more often in the summer but, beware of the fact that excessive shampooing can dry out your hair further by stripping off your scalp’s natural oils. You can stick to washing with conditioning  2-3 times in the week

  3. Apply a hair mask – a nourishing hair mask applied once a week at home is enough to coax hair into good condition

  4. Protect your hair from the sun, sea and sand - start by washing your hair under cold water before you take a dip in the pool. Your hair can only absorb so much water so by washing it with fresh water first you're limiting the amount of damaging chlorine it can absorb

  5. Brush gently - guard against split ends by avoiding over-brushing. Sun, salt water, wind and chlorine can dry out your hair, making it susceptible to splitting and breaking

  6. Use a hair oil - the oils act as a sealant and seal the cuticles to repair your hair so that it gets back its natural shine

Our Hair Heroes

Fig & Vanilla Shampoo & Conditioner

Free of sulphates and silicones, our Fig & Vanilla Shampoo & Conditioner is gentle on your hair and won’t disrupt the balance of your scalp.

Green Tea & Jasmine Hair Therapy 

Deeply nourish and repair your hair in just 10 minutes with our Green Tea & Jasmine Hair Therapy. Our hair mask deeply nourishes and softens the hair, while also helping to prevent split ends.

Raw Organic Coconut Oil 

This multi-purpose oil boosts hair growth, helps get rid of dandruff, fights dry scalp, provides nutrition and gives a shiny sheen to the hair.

Organic Baobab Oil

Much like in the skin, omega fatty acids found in baobab oil are also moisturising for the hair cuticle and so can be used topically in the management of dry and frizzy hair.

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