#ZEROWASTE – How to balance a love of eco friendly beauty with a love for our planet.

GREEN BEAUTY .... We’re a part of the solution - the New Green Beauty Movement that focuses on a love for our planet, balanced with eco-friendly beauty and clean beauty. We may not be perfect, but we’re mindful about all of our choices across the board. How we source, produce, package, store & deliver our products.

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We want to help give that natural ‘glow’ you get when making a more mindful choices in all aspects of life - starting with clean and green beauty!


The Story So Far: The Green Revolution

We’re in the midst of a green revolution – the environment is top of the priority list, and anything that threatens to upset the delicate balance of our eco system is OUT. There’s a ripple effect happening:

  • National supermarkets are banning plastic in their own label products (way to go, Iceland!). And the charge for plastic carrier bags is extending to ALL businesses, of any size in the UK.
  • The microbead ban. This pleases us – we’ve never used them! We use microbead alternatives, such as sugar, salt, fruit seed and fruit pulp. The manufacturing ban means the tiny beads which harm marine life can no longer be used in cosmetics and personal care products.
  • Paraben free products. Sadly still common place in many cosmetic products… but we’ve never used these baddies. They filter into marine life, and are being found in the tissue structure of our squeaky dolphin friends. We shouldn’t be subjecting our poor beauty choices on to those that can’t squeak for themselves.
  • Pret A Manger incentivize re-usable cups. The ethical outlet have just upped the discount available for customers that bring a re-usable cup in for their daily caffeine hit. Incentivizing good choice-making. Nice.

Heck, even Theresa is trying to implement a new green strategy! Which we admit is a little lacklustre and sluggish... But, you can’t knock progress in any form, no matter how small it is. Perhaps this should actually make us all sit up and listen. Why should we rely on our government to drive environmental change?

Let this sink in for a second: Perhaps it’s us that need to make the change, as individuals, living on this great green planet? Let’s take some responsibility for our actions and guide others to do the same.

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Clean Beauty: How We Do It

  • Where possible we buy British, trying to cut down on unnecessary air miles . It’s occasionally the case that we need to go further afield to source the best – ethically, of course.
  • The ingredients we use are not harmful to the environment. We use innovative and natural marine, flower, plant and fruit extracts from sustainable sources and use high quality seed oils trying to optimise the use of ingredients from renewable plants.
  • Our products are FREE FROM; SLS, Parabens, MI and MCI and plastic microbeads – ensuring there’s no knock on effect to our marine life. The bulk of our ‘preserving’ is achieved through natural oils, natural plant alcohols. Or not at all in the case of our dry products
  • We package products in recyclable / reusable glass packaging where possible, often in sturdy UV protecting blue/black glass. It also has great kerb appeal, so would lend itself to hold a candle, or fresh herbs in the kitchen.
  • We use minimal product packaging – so products will sit ‘naked’ on a shelf, and not housed in secondary outer layers, plastics or cartons. Any additional packaging (gift sets) are presented in recyclable ‘paint’ cans, or recyclable cardboard boxes with protective, recyclable ‘shred’ or bio-degradable loose fill.
  • We discourage unnecessary printing. Our emails all urge to ‘stay green, keep it on the screen’. We restrict the number of printed items that leave the business – favouring eco-friendly e-brochures and e-newsletters. We also ‘lock’ these to prevent printing at the other end.
  • Even our local market gardeners use our spare IBC’s (Incredibly Big Containers) as water butts & planters!

With Our Partner Spas in Mind

With our partner spas, we deliver product knowledge sessions over skype calls when possible. We love talking to our partners, and a video link is nearly as effective! It’s good to minimize Co2 emissions with small changes where we can.

  • Many of our products are Zerowaste – the entire product can be used, and the outer packaging recycled or reused. Well executed green beauty.
  • A lot of our masks & wraps are in powder format for our customers to mix by hand when they use them. By not using water in products, there isn’t a requirement for a preservative. ‘Prepared’ products often use artificial preservatives – such as parabens – which end up being fed into planet’s eco cycle.
  • Selling products in the dry format also reduces outer packaging, excessive protective packaging and reduces emissions overall during transit. Lean green beauty!
  • All of our cardboard packaging is recycled – and can be re-recycled. ReReCycling is the way forward!
  • Our warehouse is where we make the biggest impact! We reuse and recycle our boxes and pallets where possible. We combine our outbound shipments opting for fewer collections, without having any detrimental value on our customer service. And, finally roof skylights flood our office and warehouse with light, so we cut down on the

Seahorse cotton bud; green beauty

So, What Can You Do To Embrace Green Beauty?

There’s lots of tweaks you can make in your daily routine that can make huge differences to the environment – if we all take a responsibility!

  • Take time to enjoy your meals – instead of opting for the ‘to go’ option, served in plastic, treat yourself to an extra 10 minutes. 40 billion plastic utensils are produced every year! Sit down, enjoy the luxury of a real plate, knife and fork, and enjoy feeling smug!
  • Make mindful decisions with your beauty regime. Opt for recyclable glass packaging, with UV protecting glass that helps ensure minimal preservatives within the products.
  • When purchasing beauty staples, make mindful choices. A body scrub packed with natural oils will also guarantee the product is preserved well, so there should be zero nasties included in the ingredients.
  • Try the ‘mindfully veggie’ movement. We’re not saying strip meat out of your life totally – but if you went meat free a few days a week, carbon emissions from food would be significantly lowered.
  • Reduce your daily shower by 2 minutes: we’d each save 40 ltrs of water a DAY; roughly 85kg of carbon pollution a year. Green Beauty is enduring: your shower time shouldn't be!

turtle carrier bag, green beauty

Plastics & The Oceans

  • Drink from the glass. There’s a plastic straw environmental disaster happening – it’s estimated that Americans get through 500 million single use plastic straws a DAY. Not only is this alarming in terms of the effects of sugary soft drink consumption on health (The average American is drinking 1.5 take away soft drinks A DAY!) – but we’ve seen the heart-breaking video of a turtle having a plastic straw painfully dislodged from his nostril. Literally suffocating because of plastic. If we all make small amendments to daily choices, we’ll start seeing less harming of our defenceless marine life. And a more positive effect on our health, too, if we strip out the excessive sugary drinks!
  • Picture the viral image of a seahorse, who formed a close connection with a cotton bud: plastic in many forms is littering our ocean at an alarming rate.  Personal care is one of the biggest culprits. Green beauty this is not. Instead of cotton pads, cotton buds and face wipes, choose to re-use. Invest in a good quality natural bamboo muslin or microfiber mitt that can be used in harmony with natural, chemical free products.

You Tell Us!

We’d love to hear about your top tips for green beauty and finding eco balance in your beauty regime or day to day life – please share this blog to help spread the word, and let us know what you’re doing to remain mindful about our environment.