How To: Home Spa Treatments To Help Survive Pregnancy

Pregnancy Pampering In Your Own Home

Pregnant women: We salute you! Pregnancy is a special time but is a massive undertaking for muscles and skin. Mental and physical wellbeing are the absolute focus for any woman going through a pregnancy, and we think it's hugely important for mums-to-be to take time out, to give body and mind a bit of a breather. Specially created spa treatments for pregnancy are great - our Passenger On Board spa treatment is a firm favourite amongst partner spas. But if you haven't got the time or inclination to head to your nearest spa, here's how to create a pregnancy spa haven in your very own home...

Soothing Verbena & Lemon Candle Soothing Verbena & Lemon Candle, £25


Create A Calm Environment

To fully relax, ensure that external 'stressors' are controlled. We're talking children, toddlers, spouses, partners, mobile phones - you get the picture! Light a candle; try something clean, fresh and soothing - we love the Lemon & Verbena Candle, £25. Subtle is the key here - no overpowering aromas - fresh & light. Finally, find something soothing to listen to. No - we're not talking whale music or panpipes (yuk). Try the Natural Spa Factory Spotify Playlist. Contemporary and soothing to really help you switch off. Loved by partner spas and often featured in spa relaxation areas.


Pamper Skin With A Natural Olive Stone Buff

During pregnancy, skin may also feel a lot more sensitive than usual. It might also get a little dry, and sometimes flaky. One way to (gently) combat dry, sensitive and itchy pregnancy skin is with the Bumps a Daisy Body Polish, £16. Specially formulated for use during pregnancy, the polish is intensely creamy with soybean oil and apricot oils, with a flurry of essential oils and naturally gentle olive stone to gently and effectively buff and hydrate any dry, tired, itchy and flaky skin. Suitable for use on face and body (avoiding the delicate bump) - but please be careful  - slippery under foot.


Bumps a Daisy Scrub Bumps a Daisy Scrub

 A Warm Soak In Pregnancy Safe Essential Oils

A warm (note: not hot!) bath can be hugely beneficial when pregnant; weightlessness will help relax muscles and mind. Trickle a cap full of the Bumps a Daisy Body Oil, £15, into running water. With orange oil, neroli, rose wood and ho wood - all renowned for being 'uplifting' - helping to alleviate stress or anxiety, leading to a more relaxing bathing experience.

spa-890-Model Fig & Vanilla Try a warm soak

Massage With Pregnancy Safe Body Oil

So you may wish to enlist the help or assistance of the previously banished spouse or partner for this - definitely more enjoyable a deux, but can be performed solo! On freshly bathed skin, massage a pregnancy safe oil from head to heel. Try the Bumps A Daisy Body Oil, £15. The essential oils are known to be uplifting, but are also fantastic for helping to alleviate other symptoms - such as water retention, stretch marks, and dry & itchy skin. With skin repairing properties, the oil is super nourishing.  It can be used on face, body & bump as a massage oil, or as a body oil.

Bumps-A-Daisy-Body-Oil Bumps A Daisy Body Oil, £15

Moisturise With A Pregnancy Safe Moisturiser

There will be extremities that are feeling a little more parched that others - namely knees, elbows, feet, and also bums, bumps and thighs where skin is stretching the most. Try a pregnancy safe moisturiser such as Bumps A Daisy Face, Body & Bump Moisturiser, £18, to quench thirsty skin. With camelina oil, sunflower oil, sweet almond oil and beeswax to deeply nourish & protect dry and stretched skin.

Bumps moisturiser Bumps A Daisy Moisturiser

Still struggling with dry skin?

Even after all of this pampering?! Pregnancy can make skin hyper sensitive - so ensure that you're surrounded by kind ingredients. Check products that are surrounding your daily life. Washing up liquids, hand soaps, shampoos, body washes etc. are usually bursting with chemicals. These include surfactants (foaming agents) or preservatives, including MCI, MI, SLS and parabens. 1 in 10 people are allergic to MI (Methylisothiazolinone) - so, hyper sensitive skin may also be affected. Try products that avoid these types of chemicals for your daily personal care - such as our Fig & Vanilla Washes & Lotions, from £12.

Fig & Vanilla Body Wash Fig & Vanilla Body Wash

Still Looking For A Pregnancy Spa Treatment?

If a home spa pamper isn't quite relaxing enough, get yourself to a spa! If you'd like to find out where to try a pregnancy spa treatment near you, drop us an email - we're happy to recommend one of our partner spas that will look after you. Email us: to find a spa near you delivering expert pregnancy spa treatments.

The Bumps A Daisy Home Spa Collection The Bumps A Daisy Home Spa Collection


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