What to wear at a spa?

Everyone should have a routine of preparation before attending the spa. Whether you are going for a luxury day at the pool or a deep tissue massage, from being pampered for a big day to just taking some time off to relax, it is vital that you are dressed appropriately for the occasion.

There is a similar dress code throughout most spas in the UK, however you should be aware that no spa is this same. Usually you will arrive with light clothing and have alternative footwear to wear inside such as slip on sandals. If water is involved, you may need to bring some swimwear that makes you feel comfortable and happy. Still confused? As long as you follow these basic dos and don'ts you’ll be fine!

Do dress comfortably

No matter what spa treatment you are due to attend, it is important that you bring some comfortable clothes with you, especially after the spa treatment has ended. There is no point feeling relaxed and comfortable, only to then struggle in a pair of tight jeans or high stilettos! While most spas will supply bath robes, you may wish to bring one with you if it’s extra soft and it makes you feel at home and at ease.

Don’t bring your favourite clothes

Chances are that your skin may inhabit some of the generous aromas that float around a day spa. While they may be very comforting for you, they may smell quite potent and you may wish to change when you get home. You may also find that sometimes oil or cream may still be on the skin and could potentially stain clothes, depending on the products used.

Do ask the spa for their dress code

The truth is that most spas go the extra mile to make you feel as comfortable as possible from the moment you enter. Many clients may be quite nervous for their first time and experienced staff will know what to do to help make these clients have a fantastic spa treatment. (And to hopefully return again.) They expect their clients to ask questions, so don’t hold back. Why not ask the spa for their dress code ahead of schedule? If you have any other worries the staff should be happy to assist you. By doing so you have successfully removed any potential anxiety in regards to the wardrobe.

Don’t feel out of control

Many people have different preferences when they go to the spa, and that’s okay. If you’re very body conscious and do not want to remove underwear garments – don’t! You should never feel pressurised to do so. It’s your time at the spa. Make it so! If you’re going in for a treatment let the therapist know your personal dos and don’ts, and if you’re nervous, let them know. You may find that they give you special attention if you require it or may give you more personal space should you ask for it.

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