What is Wellness and why should you care?

Wellness starts with knowing yourself, making appropriate changes to empower yourself and put you back in control of your body and mind. Often irrational of thought, just stepping back and taking the time to focus on your needs can be the first step: read our top tips on helping yourself to better wellness.

Lifestyle – cut out the processed food, opt for fresh fruit and vegetables saving the pizza and junk for monthly blowouts if you must. You don’t need to commit for eternity, try it for a month and see how you get on and see how you feel. Think small steps. Needless to say -alcohol, smoking and vaping aren’t good for you but you know this already. Don’t aim to be a saint, aim to feel good. 

Exercise – it doesn’t need to be too strenuous to start, just do something every day for 20mins. It could be stretching, walking, light weights, you don’t have to be in training for the Olympics - you just need to make a start. Take it easy on yourself until you can face increasing your activity and getting your heartbeat up and leaving you flushed. You will often hear people that work out regularly say they need to do it for their physical and mental wellbeing. 

Sleep – there is so much available information about the optimum amount of sleep, we think that if you feel like you could sleep standing up, you are probably not getting enough. If you are tired all the time, you are no good to yourself or anyone else. It is easy to make bad choices when you are tired this may be not eating properly and forgetfulness along with not being productive at home or at work.  It you struggle with tiredness try lying still for 15mins and see what happens – sleeping doesn’t need to just happen at night in bed, see if you can take the opportunity in the day to take some rest. Don’t try not to think. On the contrary try and listen to everything around you, the footsteps, the traffic sounds, the birds, the trees. Our brains have been built to think so switching off can be tricky but choosing what you think about may help you nod off. Try some relaxing music, jump in a warm bath, sleep on the sofa and opt for some of our Sleep products as the aromatics can help you drift off in to wonder slumber.

Get outside – even if it’s cold. We believe in the adage that there’s no such thing as bad weather only bad clothes.  So, wrap up warm and even on a cloudy day the Vitamin D will give you an extra mental boost that you won’t get lying on the sofa. Take the opportunity on the most bracing days to blow the cobwebs away and give yourself a chance to re-charge and take stock.

Spend time with loved ones – a quick call to reconnect can make the change to your social wellbeing. Talking therapies can be a great start for ‘unloading’ and as they say a problem shared can be a problem halved.

Massage – is still the top body treatment at spas and salons around the world. We are certainly a great advocate, and an hour treatment can give you the respite you may need to unplug and understand why you feel out of kilter. Therapists are well versed in knowing when to keep schtum so this may be a good time to catch up on that extra sleep you need.

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There are many different solutions and there is no one fix for all. However, one thing everyone can agree on is to build regular healthy habits and ensure your physical and mental state isn’t working in the burn out zone. 

Please note: this is not a replacement for medical advice and those with severe anxiety, depression or mental health concerns should speak to their medical practitioner.

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