Transition through seasonal changes with autumnal skincare

We could all do with taking an autumnal leaf out of the food industry encouraging us to eat with the seasons, and there’s every reason why our skincare can follow suit. Not necessarily because of the seasonality of ingredients but because the colder and dryer weather can affect your skin which in turn often becomes more dehydrated, dull, and lacklustre. 

Autumn also brings us the season for woolly jumpers, thick socks, crackling fires, less daylight hours and spending more time indoors. Whilst the romantic side to these chillier months, all help us to protect us against the elements it’s time to swap your skincare with the heavyweights that are needed to stave of dry, itchy and irritated skin. 

Here our skincare swaps for Autumnal Skincare Awesomeness.

  • The aim during the cooler months is to protect not strip your skin. Using a lighter gel cleanser that turns milky when water is added will be gentler on your skin. 

  • A thicker moisturiser can offer you a bit of added protection against cooler conditions and wind. Oils are still particularly great at this time of year at offering added nourishment and are especially useful as they can be added to your favourite foundation. 

  • Even though it may not feel warm outside damaging UV rays are still at play. SPF is still recommended due to its UV rays however, a 20min blast of sunshine on your face can be beneficial to your mood especially when there is less daylight hours. Particularly of benefit to women during menopause. 

  • Exfoliation is still on the money but a smaller grain using salt or apricot seeds are less abrasive. Although you have less exposed skin during the Autumn months removing dry, itchy skin which is exacerbated by house heating and clothing; can ensure you have a good base to be absorbed by body oil or cream to keep the nourishment locked in. Getting a good soak in a warm bath with salts and oils can kill two birds with one stone.

  • If you are suffering from a break out – an autumnal sheet mask may be the ticket. Our collagen tissue masks are perfect for this time of year, rubbing the extra serum onto your neck and décolletage

  • It may not be cold enough for gloves but don’t forget your hands during the run up to winter. A good hand cream will keep your hands from drying out and help keep signs of ageing at bay. 
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