Skincare = Selfcare

Selfcare is not a selfish act, it’s about connecting to yourself and putting your needs before others to restore your emotional and physical well-being and it is often the simplest actions that are undervalued when establishing or resetting this balance.

noun: Self-care is the practice of taking an active role in protecting one's own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.

Skin care is a form of self-care but can often be overlooked as nothing more than vanity, overly indulgent or a frivolous pamper. It’s true skincare can be all of these, but skincare rituals are proven to be one of the most effective forms of relaxation and have been practiced for centuries. Think about the milk baths that Cleopatra immersed herself in or, the Roman Baths that were frequented by soldiers to soothe their battle-weary bodies. The practical benefits of being clean(ish) were important but the ritual of immersing in the warm waters, made them feel good about themselves, especially when compared with other inhabitants of other countries.  

Modern day spa experiences offer the ultimate skincare practices but it’s the importance of ‘self’ in self-care that is important. Although spas are hugely beneficial, self-care is something you can do every day in the comfort and privacy of your own home and it’s the habit of ritual that can be just as effective. Self-care can be the pleasure of both preparation of your preferred lotions and potions and the application. It can be a time for quiet reflection, and something that can instil a sense of calmness and confidence, in turn making you feel happier.

The skin-care ritual brings comfort and olfactory senses respond to a symphony of stimulation enhancing and boosting your mood. Investing in a skincare routine is investing in yourself and isn’t limited to your face.

Body care is just as important in self-care. Think about the time you were flooded with intense relief after a really hard day on your feet as they slide into a warm bath infused with oils. The stillness that envelops you for that moment is enough to reduce tension and ease pain. Allowing your mind to calm and giving you the time to just Be. Simple powerful stuff when you put it like that.

Other body skincare disciplines you could incorporate on a daily or weekly basis include;  

  • Use your Gua sha over your arms and legs to help relieve tension.
  • Self-massage to help restore and relax accompanied by scented oil, massage candle or balm.
  • Exfoliation or body brushing, can stimulate circulation and increase blood flow helping organs to function properly and keep your brain sharp
  • Cold water immersion therapy to improve metabolic function, improve circulation and boost immune system, deepen sleep and tighten pores.
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Skincare is not just taking your makeup off at night, although this can be part of your bedtime ritual. Grab yourself a Do Not Disturb sign, stick it to the bathroom door and create your own self-care rituals to keep your mind and body healthy and in balance.

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