An industry first: We're launching a new Spa Treatment Collection , I  Am Woman, with targeted products, created to alleviate the symptoms often linked with periods and menopause, in a bid to normalise the conversation and celebrate the female form.

Key facts:

  • An industry first revolution.
  • Women endure 450 periods in their lifetime*.
  • 800 million women in the world are on their period at any one time**.
  • 13 million UK women are currently going through the menopause: one third of the female population, a fifth of the entire population***.

These are huge figures. An industry first: We are proud to be leading the way in revolutionising how women look after themselves during the menopause, and every month during their periods. (Yes, let’s use the ‘P' word).

The I Am Woman treatment collection has been designed to celebrate women at all life stages – focussed on alleviating symptoms linked with periods, menopause and pregnancy.

We're proudly gender neutral, however, for the months of March and April, we're championing  spa therapies created to fuel the matriarchy and empower all women, by asking society to start normalising the typically taboo conversation surrounding periods and menopause.

Woman:Kind - a treatment to tackle the hormonal ebbs and surges, discomfort and sensitivities typically experienced during menstruation, including a self-heating wrap for the abdomen and lower back and a skin-loving facial to help balance hormonal skin. Using botanical & kind products, to try some home spa pampering:

Fig & Vanilla Body Wash: With oestrogen at it’s lowest ebb, skin sensitivities are at their most vulnerable, so ensure a body wash without SLS, MI & MCI that won’t trigger skin complaints.

Invigorating Body Oil: With marjoram, lavender and mint to help soothe aches, the 3 botanicals have been found to help alleviate mood swings and anxiety linked to periods, whilst the ginger and clove are antispasmodic to help soothe muscle cramps

Illuminate Serum: Balance excess oils, detox congestion and leave skin brightened and radiant with a Cleanse, Polish, Tone, Serum and Moisturise with the Illuminate Collection. The Illuminate Collection uses rice bran and a blend of Alpine plants to deliver results driven, gentle skincare for all skin types - including sensitive.


‘Pause:Me’ - a treatment with an emphasis on wellbeing – designed to alleviate the symptoms linked to menopause, with essential oils and botanical ingredients to soothe, balance and restore calm when it’s needed the most. The treatment includes the application of an iced collagen sheet mask to cool hot-flushed skin, and hormone-balancing essential oils. Using skin & hormone loving ingredients, great for Home Spa Pampering:

Dusk To Dawn Night Oil: With uplifting and soothing mandarin and neroli to help uplift & promote a restful nights sleep when used in the comfort of your own home. Anti-inflammatory, calming and soothing to leave a radiant glow.

Calming Body Oil: With soothing camomile and ylang ylang which has been found to be hormone balancing, and neroli which has been found to help with stress relief, promoting feelings of calm & wellness.

Ressurection Collagen Face Mask: Soothe & cool hot flushes:  Leave in the fridge, or on ice until required. Apply to cleansed skin. With plumping & lifting collagen, skin will feel cooled and refreshed.

‘Passenger On Board’– a treatment focused on easing the strains and stresses imposed on the body, skin and mind during pregnancy, using Natural Spa Factory’s Bumps A Daisy Pregnancy Collection – soothing dry and stretched skin, easing water retention and promoting a restful sleep with uplifting, pregnancy safe essential oils including neroli, ho wood, rose wood and bitter mandarin. Try these for some Home Spa Pampering:

Emma Webber, co-founder of Natural Spa Factory explains: “Menopause and periods seems to be particularly difficult subjects for us to talk about, yet 50% of our population has, had or will have them. We don’t want to make a song and dance about it, but to normalise them with treatments and therapies seems a great introduction to dispelling the taboo.”

“Mental and physical wellbeing is ever more prevalent, and spa treatments provide the space to support mental wellbeing and illness, including depression, cancer and even degenerative disease.”

Emma continues “We love our Gender-Neutral credentials, however after celebrating the anniversary of the Suffragettes’ movement, Independent Women’s Day, and Mother’s Day, it seems timelier than ever that we should address a day in, day out issue that women the world over experience.”

The ‘I Am Woman’ treatment collection will be available at a selection of Natural Spa Factory’s partner spas – please contact directly for more information.


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A Bit About Natural Spa Factory…

Natural Spa Factory is an independently owned and operated product house based in Bath, creating natural, Free From, botanical and sustainable products, inspired by the rural surroundings and food loved by the founders. Freedom and offering a unique experience is encouraged amongst partner spas. All of the products are free from Parabens, Methylisothiozolinone (MI), Methylchloroisothiazolinone (MCI), SLS, microbeads and palm oils.


*Source:  Association of Reproductive Health Professionals

**Source: International Business Times

***Source: Menopause UK

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