An Independent Christmas

Our Reasons to Shop Local & Support Independent Businesses...  

Here are our top tips on why you should go small this year! 

  • Buying independent, whether on the high street or online, doesn’t always mean slower service or a bigger price tag. In fact, if you look on Amazon first and then find the original retailer, it’s often up to 30% cheaper. 30+% retailer fees on Amazon are common.
  • Buying British doesn’t mean you are xenophobic. It means that you care enough about the planet that your purchase doesn’t need to travel around the globe and impact on our climate in order to bring joy. Your coffee will still come from Panama and your avocados from Chile, so it’s good to make an positive impact where you can.   
  • Supporting small businesses & shopping locally doesn't have to mean over-priced artisan or arty gifts, it means supporting your local beauty or hair salon, coffee shops, vintage clothes shops, cake makers or online services.   
  • Goods are often made to order from smaller companies. We make our products in micro-batches so our skincare is fresher. It hasn’t spent six months on a boat or hung around in a warehouse for three years.   
  • You’re supporting community. You could literally be supporting your friends and family. Plus, you’re contributing to a thriving local economy which has a far-reaching effect.   
  • It is generally the case that more care and attention has been put into your purchase. Most goods are handcrafted or prepared without automation and heavy machinery.
  • Small, independent businesses are not get-rich quick schemes.  More often than not owners have worked 80+ hours a week to establish their dream and continue to work hard every day, often setting up in the first place because we believe we can either make a difference or share our passion.


Amazon, QVC, Tesco and Lidl, to name a few, are fuelling our desire to buy cheap and quick. They are the easy go-to. A one-stop shop when looking for a gift, a new pan or the latest technology. These large, global multinationals know this and are playing into your time-poor psyche to remove you of your hard-earned cash.   

It's not a guilt trip, we all do it. 

I don’t have time to shop at the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker (or whatever the modern equivalent is) knowing I can buy from Ocado at a click of a button. But from running a family-owned, local business I also see the other side of it. I know how it feels when people choose to spend their money intentionally and I really, really appreciate it when someone chooses to buy a gift from us.   

According to the FSB (Federation of Small Business), Small/Medium Enterprises (SMEs) account for 99.9% of the business population and around half of turnover in the UK private sector and employ 16.8 million (61% of the total).  

It is evident our economy relies on small independent businesses. These can vary from the window cleaner to your online interior designer or the local pub. Supporting us independents when you buy your everyday essentials, Lockdown Gifts or Christmas Gifts means you are also buying passion, care and skill. 

We think Google and Barclays have it right. It’s no surprise they understand the value of SMEs to their own businesses, and both are backing ad campaigns to either review a small business, support local and shop online, or share your stories and use the #shoplocal tag to let others know about your experience. All of those small things really do make a big impact. 

As always, we thank you for your support and know that you are in good hands when you shop with us. 

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