How to reduce skin redness

Whether it's from general skin sensitivity, a specific reaction to a product or an underlying health issue, redness can occur on your face from time to time. This guide will help you pinpoint what's causing your redness so that you can take the necessary steps to treat it with help from Natural Spa Factory goodness.

Redness can sometimes be mistaken for “healthy fresh”, but when it comes to sensitive skin, natural redness is anything but. The symptoms of facial redness include: raised blood vessels, hot flushes, heat intolerance and sensitivity to light or touch. If this sounds all too familiar, you might have rosacea. By far the most common inflammatory skin condition in the UK, rosacea affects more than three million people in the UK.

At Natural Spa Factory we are passionate about creating skincare for all and our collections include skincare products to reduce, calm and neutralise redness.

Here are some common reasons may encounter redness.


Pimples that become inflamed are the most common cause of acne redness. Bacteria that live on our skin can infect blocked follicles, causing further inflammation.


Dry skin is often damaged and compromised, which means that skin becomes vulnerable leading to sensitivity and redness.

Look to reinforce the skin barrier with moisture. Face moisturisers with proven hydrating ingredients formulated especially for dry skin are helpful in this scenario.


Over-exfoliation prevents the skin barrier from healing and hampers its ability to protect the body and maintain hydration. Allow your skin the time to recover by avoiding harsh ingredients and techniques. Also consider reducing your regularity of exfoliating.

Skin conditions

The best treatment is to reduce contact with irritants and allergens. These can be caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Fragrance-free skincare options such as ab:scent are gentle yet effective, unscented and allergen free to help support and nourish the skin barrier for those with sensitive skin or looking for a simpler solution. Sometimes less is more.

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