Home spa as a couple this Valentine's Day

Create a cosy and romantic adventure, hunker down together and make the most of a your tailormade Valentine’s Day. We love a simple at-home spa day idea, and there are so many good ideas out there for creating something special, from facials at home to a foot spa at home.

Got you excited for a pamper day? Here are our tip tips on how to create a loving spa-at-home experience: 


Create a cosy space and light some scented candles (try our Massage Candles, blended to promote feelings of wellbeing, invoke positive thoughts and reduce anxiety), pop a spa playlist on Spotify and enjoy some quality time together. Take it one step further and infuse some water with cucumber and mint, making your hydration as spa-like as it comes. 


It wouldn’t be a true spa-at-home experience without something akin to a hot tub or swimming pool, so run a home spa bath and set aside some time to really switch off. Why not go one step further and warm your towels before hand, and treat yourselves to some spa-grade slippers and towelling robes. Imagining it yet? 


Working from home and spending more time at our laptops has left us more in need of a massage than ever before – that’s without even mentioning the C-word. Although the aforementioned Covid might mean we can’t get quite the spa-level massages at the moment, massage candles and oil can certainly help for a DIY version. One big bonus is that massaging each other is much more cost-effective than booking in for a fancy spa experience – who needs a masseuse?! 


Set the table up and pretend you’re at your favourite pub or restaurant. Opt for natural aphrodisiacs such as chocolate, figs and oysters. Oh, and now’s the time to pop open that bottle of fizz. 


Choosing natural ingredient products is better for you and will elevate the spa experience – there’ll be no headaches from artificial or toxic aromas, and your senses will be drawn to the natural healing properties of the essential oils. It’s all part of our philosophy here at Natural Spa Factory, so you can be rest assured that our products are full of the good stuff and none of the nasties. 


Once your evening is coming to an end and you feel notably relaxed and Zen, take time to just be, embrace the silence and practice breathing together. Pop one of our Segura Apothecary Diffusers in your room, and you’ll be relaxed in no time – we LOVE the calming aroma it gives off! While you’re enjoying the silence, why not pop a face mask on and treat your skin to a facial at home? 

Turn your phone off and enjoy it. Chances are you don’t often set time aside to enjoy a spa experience together, so see it as lockdown handing you a favour – you’ll miss the quiet nights in together when they’re gone, after all. 

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