Flower power: Why plant based skin care is the way forward and how it helps sustainability

In this modern world, there’s a real joy in stripping something back to basics, taking away the noise, and providing an antidote to the busy, over-stimulated and electronic world we’ve created out there. The same goes for our approach to skin care too. There’s a real boost in stripping away the nasties prioritising natural and eco-friendly products and knowing that, in turn, you’re doing good for the environment too. 

Flower power isn’t new though. It has been around for centuries, and used in restorative medicine for thousands of years – we might even go so far as to say it’s nature’s best gift to skincare! We know that botanical elements nourish and heal from the inside out, and we know that going simple is often the best option. 

Have you got a herb garden on your windowsill? Or perhaps you’re growing some roses in your borders? Chances are, you’ll find that even the simplest, everyday plants and flowers hiding in your garden could be used to alleviate all sorts of skin concerns – it doesn’t get much more sustainable and natural than that, does it? 

Generally, natural skin care and prioritising plant based ingredients has led to a rise in the environmental sustainability of the beauty sector. With consumers opting more for plants and flowers in their natural form to be the main ingredient in their products, fewer brands are using damaging ingredients such as palm oil and are cutting down on their water usage too. 

But, for plant and flower-based products to be truly sustainable and eco-friendly, it’s important that we keep focusing globally on ensuring that the social, environmental and economical aspects throughout the whole production chain of a product are taken into account too. It’s definitely heading in the right direction, but there’s still awareness to be raised and global goals to be met. 

So, where do we start? As consumers, showing an interest in, supporting and switching to organic, recyclable and plant based products are huge steps forward. Want to know more about plant and flower specifics? Let’s take a deep-dive into some of our favourite eco-friendly ingredients. 


Why do we love it?

Erm, is there anything that mint can’t do?! 

What does it do?

Internally, it’s great for digestion. Topically, its benefits are pretty wide ranging which is great. It cools and soothes irritated skin, for one. It can ward off bugs and bites, two. And three, it can even stimulate hair growth, so it’s great for your scalp. 


Peppermint Body Scrub  


Why do we love it?

The topical benefits are so far-reaching and not only is it great for skin tone, but it’s fab for fighting bacteria too. 

What does it do?

With antiseptic and astringent properties, rose oil can be really great for acne and the anti-inflammatory elements of the flower also reduce redness. 


Organic Rosehip Oil 


Why do we love it?

It’s great for your skin, but it also doubles up as being super relaxing too.

What does it do?

Due to the fact that geranium oil is a natural anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory oil, you’ll find that it boosts skin’s health and natural glow, as well as reducing fine lines too. It can also reduce scar tissue too because it’s a cicatrisant – it helps new skin cells regenerate quicker.


Geranium and Grapefruit Scrub 


Why do we love it?

It’s soothing and calming, as well as being hypoallergenic. 

What does it do?

Another anti-inflammatory natural product, chamomile possesses an abundance of powerful properties. From anti-fungal and antibacterial, to antiseptic, it also contains essential oils and antioxidants. 


Bilberry and Chamomile Mask

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