Fabulous face masks for flawless skin

Does your skin feel tired or under-nourished? Maybe you feel that you need a little bit of TLC? Or perhaps you just want to look and feel fabulous (and rightly so!) These peel-off face masks are great for your skin and will make you feel amazing. Take a look at these recommendations:

Aegean black charcoal face wrap

Recommended Skin Type: Oily / Problematic
Result: Mattifying / Detoxifying / Reduce Pore Size

This exotic face wrap is full of antioxidant goodness and is perfect for oily skin. Over in the island of Chios, natives have proudly used the creosote bush to care for their skin, which is known for its absorbing properties, meaning that all the nasty stuff living on our skin can be removed in one fell peel. This wrap takes us back to tradition and uses a powerful extract from the creosote bush, alongside active and natural ingredients to leave the face feeling clean and well-cared for.

Tea tree & willow leaf face mask

Recommended Skin Type: Oily / Acne / Problematic
Result: Soothing / Invigorating / Anti-Bacterial

Suitable for Acne & Oily Skin. The practice of using tea-tree started in Australia thousands of years ago when native Aborigines discovered its antiseptic and anti-microbial properties. The essential oil used in this tea tree face mask is no exception.Because of its neutral or potentially, slightly ‘masculine’ scent, this peel-off face mask can be an excellent choice for spa-loving men.

Resurrection collagen face mask

Recommended Skin Type: Dry
Result: Tightening / Moisturising / Anti-Ageing / Lifting

If you feel as though your skin needs an extra touch of TLC, this face wrap is the one for you. This peel-off mask works towards healing broken, tired and ageing skin and helps revitalise and resurrect. By supplying the skin with the nutrients and minerals that it needs, the skin can develop a natural barrier against bacteria and bad microbes that can inflame the skin. It's the perfect package that lasts longer after the peel!

Rasul mud face mask

Recommended Skin Type: All Skin Types
Result: Cleansing / Detoxifying / Calming

Rasul mud is a common and popular part of spa culture, often found in Turkish baths or facial spa treatments. Rasul is said to give tremendous benefits to the skin which includes gentle exfoliation, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth. This rasul mud face mask also gives more than a touch of authenticity. If you want to use a peel-off face mask that uses a natural ingredient predominately used by spa therapists, give the rasul mud face mask a try.

Bilberry and chamomile face mask

Recommended Skin Type: Sensitive
Result: Restoring

If your skin requires a gentler touch, this face mask might just be your bet. Thought to date back as far as ancient Egypt, people have been drinking chamomile tea for centuries to enjoy its vast array of health benefits - its antibacterial, antifungal and antiinflammatory properties to name just a few. This mask brings all of those properties directly to your skin with the addition of vitamins B, C & E found in the mask’s bilberry extract. These handy vitamins are ideal for soothing and calming the skin. Additionally, the marine algae found in this peel-off mask strengthens and moisturises, something those of you with dry and/or sensitive skin will greatly appreciate.

Cucumber hydrating peel off face mask

Recommended Skin Type: Dry
Result: Hydrating / Nourishing

With a 96% water content, cucumber is renowned for its hydrating and moisturising properties. Not only does the sulphur, potassium and phosphorus naturally found in cucumber detoxify, but because the fruit shares the same level hydrogen as our skin, it’s great for softening and smoothing out any problem areas on the face. This helps in brightening the complexion, and the marine algae in this mask offers that extra layer of moisturising protection against the elements, making this peel-off mask a great all-rounder for any season.

Illuminate peel off face mask

Recommended Skin Type: All Skin Types
Result: Brightening / Whitening

If you’re looking for a bright and youthful glow, the Illuminate Peel-off Face Mask might be exactly what you’re looking for. Rice is thought to be one of the best-kept skincare secrets of Asia, and you’ll find that this mask builds its foundation on that. The rice in this peel-off mask will not only tone your skin, but will provide it with a protective layer, retaining moisture and leaving a gentle scent of vanilla and white flower in its wake. Encouraging circulation and activating skin cell renewal is what this wrap does best, and you can thank the proteins and amino acids naturally found in its active ingredients for that.

IIluminate cream mask

Recommended Skin Type: All Skin Types
Result: Calming / Cooling / Nourishing

Much like the Illuminate Peel-off Face Mask, this wrap also incorporates rice bran (gamma oryzanol) into its formula. Used originally by the Japanese in the 1960s , research has found that oryzanol can protect the skin from sun damage which is why it is widely found in sunscreens and anti-aging products across the globe. The mask forms a creamy matte finish that highlights and restores the face while controlling any excess sebum. But this mask not only offers fine line and wrinkle protection; Shea butter and beeswax work together to lock in Vitamin E and moisture, while equipping the skin with an antiviral and antibacterial layer.

Bio cellular eye patches

Recommended Skin Type: All Skin Types
Result: Renewing

Not quite a full face mask, but a remedy for the eyes and mouth, the Ieye patches shine in their simplicity and effectiveness. The patches use naturally fermented coconut water to produce a superfine fibre structure, which adheres to the face like a second skin. The Ieye patch is so effective because when our skin loses its hydration, it also loses salts and nutrients that are essential for skin cell renewal, and the magnesium, calcium and vitamin C in coconut water will keep those eyes and mouth happy and healthy.

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