Awaken your senses...of smell

Smell is considered to be one of our most powerful senses. It can recall memories, stir emotions, and go as far as enhancing our physical and mental well-being. From your personal experience, you've probably noticed that your sense of smell has the ability to influence your mood and impact stress levels on a daily basis.

Our sense of smell can alter our mood, promote increased alertness and positivity, create feelings of calm and relaxation, provide clarity and focus.

If you have a scent that perks you up or evokes happy memories, try to surround yourself with it at work, at home and everywhere in between. Science suggests that when we’re surrounded by smells we like, it can renew our mindset, so having these interjections of enjoyable familiar scents can offer serve as an instant pick-me-up.

The sense of smell works in different ways for different individuals. What smells good to you may not necessarily smell good to another person; our preferences are largely very personal. Some well-loved smells include;

Refreshing and revitalising scents: citrus, coconut, eucalyptus, peppermint, pine, tea tree, thyme.

Calming and relaxing scents: lavender, vanilla, sandalwood, camomile and jasmine.

At Natural Spa Factory we are surrounded by a wealth of sumptuous scents, these are just some of our most satisfying smelling collections...

Fig & Vanilla: The fresh and earthy tones of this delicious fruit accompanied by a soft sweetness of vanilla.


Lime and Lemongrass Scrub: Our most popular body salt scrub will revive tired and dull skin. The fresh lime and zesty lemon notes in this gorgeous scrub make it the perfect pre-cocktails pick-me-up.


Reed diffusers: Luxury candles will ensure your home is left with the ‘spa aroma’ – even when they’re not lit. Our reed diffusers are created to welcome guests into your home, subtly scented with the carefully blended, slow-release oils that are inspired by fragrances we love from around the world. 


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