5 Things you didn't know about spa treatments for men

In the world of self-care and pampering, the idea of a spa treatment still carries a certain feminine vibe to it, but why? Why is it when we think of facemasks and oils, we usually picture a beautiful woman relaxing on massage tables? Even in today’s media, we don’t often see men enjoying these luxuries. However, the truth of the matter is that men are demanding more and more spa treatments tailored for them. According to the International Spa Association, the number of males at spas has grown from thirty one per cent to forty seven per cent over the past few years. Do you run your own spa, or are you a man seeking out a well-deserved break? Here are a couple of facts you didn’t know about spa treatments for men.

Most spa products are gender neutral

As a general rule of thumb, if the product works for a woman it should work for a man. Sex does not change the needs of the skin or the effect of massage oil. The only thing men may want to consider is how the product smells. Because some men are inclined to believe that flowers are not masculine enough, products with scents such as lime and lemongrass, sweet orange or whiskey may be more appealing. Like women, the most important thing is that a man like how he smells, then, if the smell makes him feel relaxed and/or sexy. It’s a known fact that aroma can boost up the confidence. This should be considered when selecting a product.

Most spa treatments are gender neutral

As another general rule, most spa treatments are naturally gender neutral. While physically there may be some differences with the shape of a man and a woman, you also need to consider that humans of both genders also vary tremendously with our shapes and curves. Spas are already used to adapting to a large variety of body types and skin types.

Masculine spa treatments are on the trend

Sometimes we like to indulge in our gender, (or embrace another side to ourselves) and because of this you can find products and spa treatments that exert ‘masculinity’ as soon as you even think about it. Spas across the country may now offer packages just for men, such as your stereotypical sport massages and your male only sauna rooms. You’ll often notice that there aren’t many differences between feminine packages and masculine packages, but if you are new to spa treatments or you want to feel extra comfortable, a masculine centred package may just be what you need to feel right at home.

Men can benefit from facial treatments

Facials for men are popular and many men notice the effects of facial treatments very strongly. Often, this is because even today, men are less likely to use moisturising products compared to women, so the positive benefits of a facial will seem more dramatic.

It is recommended that men shave a day or the evening before a facial, so you don’t have that nasty sore feeling you can get after a shave. You also want to avoid having too much facial hair during a facial as it can get in the way of the oils used during the treatment.

You don't have to be naked

It may surprise you, but many men often worry about having to be naked during spa treatments. However, nearly all spa treatments in the UK do not involve being naked, and you’ll often have something to cover yourself during messages or may even keep your underwear or trunks on.

Some men are also worried about becoming ‘excited’ during a spa treatment. Don’t panic, many other men have the same worries. If it happens, just ask the spa therapist to pause the treatment. If you’re extremely worried or nervous, consider opting for a back massage.

Men should enjoy a trip to the spa just as much as woman. Spa products and spa treatments are mostly gender neutral in the first place, but if a man wants to feel extra masculine spa facilities should be able to offer a specialised treatment.

The Natural Spa Factory offers both gender neutral products but also specialised masculine scented gift packages to really treat a male loved one.

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