10 Spa treatments you never knew existed...


Ayurveda or also known in it's native tongue, 'life knowledge', is a series of ancient Indian therapies and practices that have been recently embraced by the Western world. While most therapists will use a modernised version of Ayurveda, the general idea behind the method is the same. There is a strong emphasis on balance in life, wellness and therapy. Because of this, Ayurvedic spa treatments is a blanket name for head, body and feet massages, herbal remedies and some forms of yoga.

If you are keen on the idea of improving your overall well-being, Ayurveda might be particularly suitable for you. It can also help give you the feeling of being cleansed, relaxed and healthier in mind and body.


It is likely that you have heard of aromatherapy somewhere down the line, but have you heard about how it greatly helps with stress relief? Aromatherapy is a secret gem of a spa treatment using various scents usually made from oil to help trigger certain psychological reactions. The theory behind aromatherapy is that different aromas can have different effects and while it may not work for everyone, there has been a number of reports of people finding that it helps them with their anxiety, their insomnia and their aching muscles.

While it is always good to have a qualified practitioner, in the meantime you may consider taking a look at various candles which release pleasant aromas in the house for that truly Zen feel.


Rasul is a natural mud that is mined in the Austrian Alps. It can be used for Turkish baths, facials and shampoo. While it's not yet commonly used as a spa treatment compared to other techniques on our list, rasul is said to have outstanding effects on the skin by keeping it soft and removing dead skin cells. You may find various spa treatments use rasul.


Fancy a cup of fire on your back? Of course you do. Cupping therapy is an unusual kind of therapy that uses cups made of either metal, wood or bamboo. The therapist will press on the back with these cups to create a small amount of suction. This suction is meant to help mobilise blood flow and assist with healing. With fire cupping, a cotton ball is soaked with alcohol. The cotton ball is then placed in the cup, removed, and then the cup is placed on certain parts of the skin.

While this spa treatment may not be entirely common, it has caught the idea of certain celebrities who have dared to give it a go. With qualified practitioners it is usually a painless treatment.


Thalassotherapy is no therapy for landlubbers! It's name derives from the Greek word for 'sea' and refers to an assortment of treatments associated with the sea. Mostly that means seawater is used, but it can also refer to the use of seaweed, algae, or marine mud in therapy. While it is likely that thalossotherapy has been used throughout the eras, its use was well documented in Brittany, France, in the 19th century.

As thalassoptherapy is quite a broad spa treatment it can have a variety of effects from helping you to relax, assisting your sleep to easing those aches and pains away. It is also said to help with the skin too, however much more research needs to be done to provide evidence for this.


The Balinese massage is a full body combination massage treatment that originates from Bali in Indonesia. Depending on the practitioner it can involve many different techniques from acupressure, to aromatherapy, to stone massages. The Balinese massage is particularly good if you have damaged or tired muscles and the practitioner will use a good deal of pressure to relieve tension and increase circulation.

Because of the nature of Indonesia and its cultural diversity, you may find that there are many different types of Balinese massage around, which may make it a very unique experience for you every time.


Shiatsu is a Japanese form of massage that applies varying amounts of pressure on specific points of the body. The technique is said to help reduce muscle tension, stress and loosen stiff joints. With shiatsu you are more than likely to have the massage through your clothing which should be loose and comfortable.


While the therapy itself can sound quite alarming, it is actually a very gentle form of massage treatment that uses very light pressure. The name comes from the lymph system, which is an essential part of your immune system that is incredibly important, helping you to breathe, fight infection and collect and destroy toxins. Therefore, lymphatic drainage is all about giving your lymph system a helping hand.

Lymphatic drainage is a widely recognised form of treatment and it is particularly essential that you find a qualified practitioner for this technique.


Floatation may be a kind of 'marmite' spa treatment, where if you love water and the idea of being alone for an hour you'll love the treatment. If you are a little claustrophobic and despise water then floatation is not for you.

The spa treatment will often involve some kind of massage first. Your muscles will be worked on and you will be at a state of relaxation from the get go. Afterwards, you are often invited to a pod full of water to yourself which is likely to contain salt water or other forms of salt that is said to be good for the skin. Because of the salt, it should be very easy to float and the lack of pressure allocated on your body from floating is said to do wonders for your overall mental and physical well-being.


This one is certainly different. Yes, chocolate spa treatments do exist and we can appreciate why they may be quite popular. We all know that a little amount of chocolate can help improve one's mood, but there are some people who suggest it may be good for your skin, too.

Chocolate Spa Treatments usually involve blending cocoa butter with other more common spa ingredients and layering it on the skin. It can also involve a facial mask and even the feet. So not only will your face smell lovely and sweet, but your feet will smell tasty too.

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