Why We Love Massage Candles (And You Should, Too!)

Massage candles bring sexy, comfort and luxury together in one room. Do you crave a sensual experience with a loved one? Do you have a taste for the wild side of life? Or perhaps you are looking for a new way to relax? Massage candles can tick all the boxes. They can be part of a luxurious home spa treatment, or can be used by professional spa therapists for the perfect romantic getaway. We love massage candles, and after you read our article we think you will too.

How massage candles work

Massage candles are multifunctional. Once the candle has been lit, a wonderful aroma will set the tone in the room. After approximately ten minutes, the wax should be sufficiently melted. Blow out the candle and then carefully check the temperature. If the wax is warm but not burning it is perfect. You can then pour into the palm of the hand and massage into the skin. Daring couples may wish to drizzle the wax onto the back as part of a sexy evening.

Massage candles can also be used as part of a warm manicure or pedicure treatment, but it is often best left to the experts.

Massage candles are not wasteful

With massage candles, any wax you do not use will cool down and can be reheated at a later date. Massage candles are wonderfully not wasteful.

Massage candles smell amazing

We weren’t joking about an incredible aroma setting a tone in the room. It’s true. Take for instance our sensual Cacao Flower Message Tin Candle, with lush scents of soybean oil, coconut oil, and my favourite, a delicious warming fragrance of chocolate. Let the aroma relax and soothe your mind while the evocative heat of the candle immerse you into bliss. The scents are definitely on par with the 6 sexiest aromas, too.

Massage candles are easy to use

Circular tins allow for easy access. Simply remove the re-sealable lid of the massage candle, dab in two or three fingers and then massage at will. You have complete control over the amount you use. Our massage candle tins are also designed to allow for ease of pouring. Simply tilt the tin and the oils will come steadily over the lip which will provide complete freedom for either pouring onto your own hand or to treat a partner.

Massage candles are completely safe

Once it comes to application, simply blow out the flame of the massage candle and the oils will be ready for use. Massage candles are designed so that the wax doesn’t become incredibly hot like traditional candles. As long as you adequately test the temperature before application, you’ll be completely safe. The good news is that this also means there is no delay between a scent invoking candle and warm oil treatment.

Of course, be sure to adopt common sense. Never leave the candle unattended and do not place it on a flammable surface. Please don’t attempt to extinguish the candle with water and make sure the wick is properly maintained.