Our ambition is to deliver incredible spa skincare that can be used by Every Body.

This section is dedicated to vegan skincare. We have over 100 products in our ranges that are perfect for you – the conscious consumer. What does this mean? It means we use only vegan ingredients that do not contain animal derivatives or any other animal-derived substance. Our skincare is cruelty free too and although we have a global reputation we do not sell to China as we wholly disagree with the processes and animal cruelty required to create or sell skincare there. None of our products contain parabens, SLS, MI, MCI or microbeads and some of our dry masks, scrubs and oils do not contain any preservatives.

For transparency purposes our company tries simply to do the right thing. We are sensibly natural, sometimes preferring to use a science backed ingredient because it’s safer, more effective or more stable. We source sustainable and ethical ingredients and do not use excessive packaging even though many of our products are sold in recyclable glass. Some of our products are sold in plastic bottles – glass just doesn’t work in a shower or bath but we are always on the hunt for a suitable alternative. In fact, we are incredibly proud of our balance of naturally derived ingredients, sourced sustainably with a dose of science, to deliver incredible skincare that works – for Every Body.