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Christmas All Stacked Up

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The Big One - Ultimate Christmas Spa Pamper Hamper 

We live in a time-sensitive world, and shopping for Christmas gifts is a dull, boring exercise for most of us! Fortunately, we've solved the problem - we've got Christmas All Stacked Up! With a collection of gifts that will tick all your boxes, it's a one stop shop (and of course we've made sure there's a little something for you, too!).

Considered Christmas gifting for everyone - there's cruelty free, botanical, sensibly natural perfect Christmas gifts for spa lovers, skincare worshippers, food lovers, and enjoyers of deep relaxation. 

So, you can give the whole stack to one lucky recipient (make sure they've been very, very good this year!) or you can divide the bounty between 4 lucky skincare lovers. 

Although - warning - you're probably going to want to hang on to this bad boy... 

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Stack includes the following Skincare Christmas Presents: 

  • Amber Noir Candle (for the boss, perhaps?) - 

    A beautiful heavy weight glass candle with gold script and an amber scent in a black presentation box. Hand poured with natural soy wax and filled to bursting with a wonderful array of seasonal aromas. With a natural cotton wick, they have a generous burn time of up to 50 hours and an even, clean melt. 

  • Reed Diffuser (perfect for your sister) 

    Our room diffuser evokes the warm and balmy breeze of a Middle Eastern night, beautifully packaged in blue black glass and made and poured in the UK, this stylish scent diffuser is a subtle way to softly fragrance a room all day.

    Oud (pronounced:’u:d - ood) is derived from the tropical agar tree, which is thought to originate in Assam, India. When the tree is infected by a mould known as Phialophora parasitica it reacts by producing a dense, dark and fragrant resin to protect itself. It is the resin-embedded heartwood of the tree that is the source of oud.

    The trees are grown throughout south-east Asia, India and Bangladesh and agarwood is said to be the most expensive timber in the world - indeed, one of the most expensive of all natural raw ingredients.

    The scent is - unsurprisingly - described as warm, wood, sweet and with a slight hint of damp rot, we know it doesn’t sound good but one whiff and you’re hooked! The base oil is Augeo made from a renewable source and is eco-friendly, non toxic and evaporates fully and does not have the metallic odour associated with other bases.

  • Fig & Vanilla Hand Collection (ideal for mother in law) 

    The fresh and earthy tones of this delicious fruit accompanied by a soft sweetness of vanilla will leave your hands feeling squeaky clean and deeply moisturised. Our hand wash is free from any nasties. Free from Parabens, SLS, MI and MCI Sulphates. Great for men and women, suitable for daily use and perfect for leaving your hands fresh and clean, locking in moisture.

    Figs have long been revered as an aphrodisiac and whilst we are under no illusion that a hand wash can stimulate carnal desires, it is worth noting that figs are rich in oils and have anti-oxidant properties which can help reverse damage in the skin. Infused with the earthy wild fig aroma accompanied with a soft subtle soothing vanilla scent, you can leave in your bathroom for guests to enjoy.

  • Three Wise Face Oils (for YOU - no way you'd want to give this one away!)  

Peruvian Protector: An all-rounder for face and hair, this golden liquid plant wax mimics the skin’s natural oil production. Completely unprocessed, this vivid liquid is packed with vitamin E and antioxidants to protect & repair skin and strengthen hair. Sourced from the Jojoba bush (Simmondsia Chinensis), grown in Peru. This golden nectar is oil like in appearance – but thanks to the structure of a long chain of liquid wax esters, it is structurally different from triglycerides (unlike most nut/seed oils) – making it a wax, and not an oil.

Skin Soother: The Duchess of Cambridge, Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow. These women (reportedly!) all have one thing in common: Their love for pure rosehip oil in their daily skincare routine. Our rosehip oil, harvested from rose bushes grown in Chile, is great for all skin types. A brilliant source of vitamins e, c, d, f, and b-carotene and a host of fatty acids. The result is an even, balanced and dewy skin tone.

Fatty Acid Hyrdator: Organic oil, cold pressed from apricot kernel, is bursting with fatty acids and vitamins A and E. High in gamma linoleic acid, the oil helps skin maintain its natural moisture balance. An abundance of oleic and linoleic acids work in tandem to hydrate, soothe and calm skin. Great for all skin types, especially sensitive or dry.  


The best thing? Save 25% with the bundle (individual rrp: £122) 



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