A round up of our best hand wash & hand creams for dry hands

Handwashing has become more important than ever, but why has it taken a global crisis and virus pandemic for us to realise this? Sure, spending 20 seconds of your life several times a day mumbling 'Happy Birthday' under your breath while pretending to be a surgeon getting ready to perform ground-breaking keyhole procedures is imperative now.  

But what did we all do before we‘d all heard of Covid-19? Did people not go to the loo, touch others, pick things up from the floor or play with cold hard cash AND NOT WASH YOUR HANDS AFTER?  

Well, apparently not!

If nothing else, we have been reminded that keeping clean and general hand care hygiene is important. But we are, it seems, and always have been a nation of touchers. We touch our faces countless times a day but, we also seemingly want to touch our kids, our partners, friends, loved ones and other members of our family's faces, too.

Courtesy of Jamie Oliver, we now want to emerge our digits into our bakes and cakes and massage and kneed with our fingers. Then we want to eat our pizza, takeaway sandwiches and sushi with them after. We also want to nab a crisp from the open packet the kids have just fondled after touching the dog/their bum/the bottom of their shoes - then we delve in. EUGH!

So, although we are all led to believe that Coronavirus is curing us of our forgetfulness, encouraging us to wash our hands with conviction, why have we not taken the ritual of performing the small hand cleaning ceremony more seriously before? Is it because we have been told a bit of dirt won't harm us or, we believe a bit of dirt is good for the immune system, or are we just plain lazy?  

More importantly, when the crisis is over, will we revert to not caring where our hands have been before we lick them to flick the stuck pages of a waiting room magazine, or when we massage a carrier bags sides with our wet fingers when you want to loosen the vacuum to add your shopping?

Whatever you do once this horrendous crisis is over, washing your hands has always been important in keeping germs and infections at bay and choosing one of our favourite washes to accompany the process such as Fig & Vanilla may just make the experience all the more pleasant and ensure handwashing is for life not just for Coronavirus.

Then, all you have to consider next is how to keep your dry hands soft now you are doing all that extra handwashing. Funnily enough we have the answer to that too. HAND CREAMS, our speciality!

Visit our Hand Care collection now for all our wonderful Hand Wash and Hand Cream products.

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