Summer Skincare Hacks

Summer Skincare


Yes - it's official. We're experiencing one of the hottest summers we can remember. And we're loving every second of it! But whilst we hop from beach to beer garden, don't let skin get neglected. We've had a quick think about some Summer Skincare Hacks that can help face & body survive the heatwave.


Morning Skincare Hacks - In The Shower

First things first: jump in the shower! Run it cool; too much heat will dry skin out, and in warm weather we need to keep skin hydrated. Use a body wash that is free from nasties to ensure that skin isn't irritated or dried out. Try the fresh Fig & Vanilla Body Wash. Free from SLS, MI, MCI and parabens to keep skin well cleansed and not irritated.

Summer Skincare Fig & Vanilla Body Wash - Free From Nasties

Morning Skincare Hacks - Hydrating Skin

Slippery, thick body moisturisers aren't that appealing in the heat - it will slip straight off of skin. Not appealing! Try a dry body oil instead - such as the Illuminate Dry Body Oil. It holds all of the goodness of body moisturiser, but without a thick emollient. This means it will sink into skin instantly. Skin is hydrated with natural oils, dry patches are nourished and the summer tan will be preserved!

Summer Skincare Illuminate Dry Body Oil

Morning Skincare Hacks - Face The Day

We're quite bold when it comes to makeup in the summer: skin will be glowing a little more thanks to the added vitamin D in the air, so we encourage a #FaceNaked approach and opting not to slap on makeup. If you are still in need of a little something to give you skin confidence, try this: Add a few drops of Organic Rosehip Oil to your B.B Cream or foundation. The concoction will glide effortlessly on to skin, and you'll also have a radiant, dewy glow. It's a really great summer skincare hack - who doesn't love a dewy, radiant glow?!

Summer Skincare Organic Rosehip Oil

 Midday Skincare Hacks - It's Hotting Up!

As the sun hits the highest point, we've got a couple of tips we feel the need to share. Firstly: SLIP, SLOP, SLAP. As lovely as it is to steal a few rays on your lunch hour, don't neglect your skin. It needs protecting - so, if you're heading out, slather on some sunscreen. Look for one without parabens and nasties (of course) - a great option is kid's suncreen. It tends to be free from fragrance and other irritation triggering ingredients. Try a sunscreen like Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen Baby SPF 30 Plus. Because the Aussie's know how to be sun smart...

Afternoon Skincare Hacks - Cool Me Quick

Top hack: keep a bottle of soothing facial tonic in the fridge. At Natural Spa Factory HQ we have a bottle of Boosting Facial Tonic on ice at all times. Is has hydrating rose water, soothing aloe vera and also green tea which is great for minimizing redness. A spritz of this will cool and calm skin in the middle of the afternoon heat. You can thank us later...

Summer Skincare Boosting Facial Tonic

Evening Skincare Hacks - Soothe and Lift

Before an evening out, we love a facemask. It's a year-round pre-night out staple. But our hack for summer modification? Chill it! Pop a mask - try the Resurrection Collagen Serum Infused Sheet Mask - in the fridge for 20 minutes, and enjoy the cooling, hydrating and lifting effect that you'll feel instantly. It has been said that this particular mask is 'like natural Botox' - but we'll let you be the judge of that..!

Evening Skincare Hacks - Good To Glow

Sun kissed summer skin is the big bonus of the continued onslaught we're experiencing from the big ball of burning gas in the sky. We all feel a little healthier after a day of sun on our skin - and the way to harness an evening glow is with a gentle sun kissed shimmer. Try the 23 Carat Gold & Caviar Dry Body Oil. A nourishing dry oil that won't be slippery on skin, it will highlight a tan beautifully. Slather on to skin after an evening shower and you're good to glow..!

summer skincare 23 Carat Gold & Caviar Dry Body Oil

Summer Skincare Hacks - Skin At The Beach

We're lovers of the white stuff - happiest in the surf, usually wiping out - but all day in the ocean can unleash fury on a skincare routine. Zinc blocked pores will need a thorough detox to eliminate the probable outbreak of spots, clogged pores and dry skin. Here's a quick 5 stepper to bring skin back to life:

  1. Start with an oily cleanser to remove all traces of zinc - such as the Illuminate Gel Cleanser.
  2. Follow with an intense facial polish to get deep into dirty skin - we love the Bamboo Intense Exfoliation for a 'resurface'.
  3. Pop on a face mask that will pull out any left over toxins and oils, such as the Aegean Charcoal Face Mask.
  4. Spritz skin with a soothing facial tonic to remove final traces of grime. The Boosting Face Tonic has green tea, which will also help to calm redness.
  5. Finally, soothe skin with a generous slathering of oil. The Senegalese Baobab Oil is a lifeline for dehydrated skin. Massage into the face and neck to leave skin feeling renewed and hydrated.