Summer Hair Care - Top tips

In the summer months we are more compelled to letting loose. Spending the majority of the day outside in the sunshine, on holiday or even in the sea soaking up the natural salt water. This all sounds great but it does take a toll on our hair!

We have put together our top tips for summer hair care to put life back in your locks and leave them oh so silky smooth!

1. Don't wash it too much

It may sound crazy to some but over-washing your hair strips all the natural oils your hair produces in order to stay healthy. This leaves your hair feeling dry and lacklustre! Try to wash your hair maximum of three times a week.

2. Use natural ingredients

Your hair takes a beating in the summer and its vital that you treat it appropriately to protect it from further sun damage. All of our Shampoo & Conditioner duo sets are packed with natural ingredients and essential vitamins, as well as being sulphate free!

Choose from:

Sulphates have the potential to worsen dandruff and eczema. In turn they also leave your scalp feeling tight and itchy. An ingredient to stay well clear off especially in the dry summer months.

3. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise.

Deep conditioning is an essential! 'Wrap it' as we say! An overnight hair mask will be your hairs saviour. Our Green Tea & Jasmine Hair Therapy deeply nourishes, moisturises and softens while protecting hair fibres, but it also restructures, revitalises and regenerates extremely dry or damaged hair.

Other than this you can use a hair oil to deeply nourish and quench the hair. Our 100% Oil range is multi-functional for both skin and hair. Apply all over hair, massaging the oil through the scalp at least once a week to help;

  • Stimulate hair growth
  • Prevent heat damage
  • Add shine
  • Nourish hair
  • Care for the environment - reducing exposure to harmful chemicals
  • Reduce hairs exposure to chemicals and other non-natural ingredients.

Top tip: Organic Raw Coconut Oil - can't live without it! If you had one holy grail this summer this is your incredible all-rounder product. Use everywhere to inject pure goodness into face, hair and body. 

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