Strength In The Cycle - How To Soothe Period Discomfort With A Home Spa Treatment


Nobody likes talking about them. Us Brits prefer to come out with, frankly, daft synonyms: Time of the month. Arsenal's playing at home. Painters & decorators are in. 'Lady troubles'. Visit from Aunt Flo (major cringe). When we first discussed launching a spa treatment to help alleviate symptoms associated with periods, even we were a little coy. But we knew we needed to change the conversation. Periods happen. We want to normalise menstruation chat, alleviate the tampon taboo. Say sayonara to sanitary towel shyness. Some key numbers:

  • Women endure 450 periods in their lifetime*.
  • 800 million women in the world are on their period at any one time**.

An average spa survey will say that around 80% of spa go-ers are female; and roughly a quarter of these will be on their period. That equates to roughly 20% of spa visitors being on their period. A fifth. And yet, until now, this hasn't been recognised within the industry.

We've decided to change the conversation. With International Women's Day (8th March) and Mother's Day (11th March) just around the corner, we're celebrating ALL women. With our Partner Spas, we've launched a collection of spa treatments for Menopause, Periods, and Pregnancy in celebration of the female form.

Womans--Mothers-Day Woman:Kind  - Period Treatments

We've created ‘Woman:Kind’ - a treatment to tackle the hormonal ebbs and surges, discomfort and sensitivities typically experienced during menstruation.  Including a self-heating wrap for the abdomen and lower back and a skin-loving facial to help balance hormonal skin.

Sadly, spending between 5-8 days a month in a spa isn't really viable. We wish. So here's how to create the Woman:Kind treatment in your very own home...

Amber Noir Candle Amber Noir Candle, £25

Set The Scene: Relieve Anxiety & Fatigue

At the beginning of your period, oestrogen levels are at their lowest, so anxiety and fatigue increase. Help alleviate this with some time out. Before you start your home-spa pamper, light a candle. We love the Amber Noir Candle (£25) for it's warming and comforting aroma. Listen to some music - try our Spotify playlist  - not a whale call in ear shot, just some seriously good chill music.

Soak In A Hot Bath

With Fig & Vanilla Body Wash, £12.  The heat from water will soothe cramping muscles, and with oestrogen at it’s lowest ebb, skin sensitivities are at their most vulnerable. Ensure a body wash without SLS, MI & MCI that won’t trigger skin complaints. The paraben free Fig & Vanilla Body Wash is a spa favourite.

Fig & Vanilla paraben free body wash, £12 Fig & Vanilla paraben free body wash, £12


If you have a willing masseur, enlist them! If not, you can self administer. Not as relaxing, but the benefits remain the same. Focus on the back, thighs & stomach. Try the Invigorating Body Oil, £15: With marjoram, lavender and mint to help soothe aches. The 3 botanicals have been found to help alleviate mood swings and anxiety linked to periods, whilst the ginger and clove are antispasmodic to help soothe muscle cramps.

Invigorating Body Oil, £15 Invigorating Body Oil for soothing periods, £15

Skin Balancing Facial

Balance excess oils, detox congestion and leave skin brightened and radiant with a Cleanse, Polish, Tone, Serum and Moisturise with the Illuminate Collection. The Illuminate Collection uses rice bran and a blend of Alpine plants to deliver results driven, gentle skincare for all skin types - including sensitive. A Spa favourite - try the Illuminate Serum, £48, for some serious skin loving.

Illuminate Serum Illuminate Serum


Restful Sleep

To help ensure a deep sleep, apply a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil  to a tissue or hanky, and place inside the pillow case. Massage cleansed skin with Dusk To Dawn overnight repair oil. With skin repairing & uplifting essential oils including rose wood, ho wood, neroli, star flower and bitter orange to promote a restful sleep.

Dusk To Dawn Overnight Oil, £26 Dusk To Dawn Overnight Oil, £26

To discover a spa near you where you can try the Woman:Kind Period treatment, or for more information on our home spa collection, contact us:

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*Source:  Association of Reproductive Health Professionals

**Source: International Business Times