Multifunctional Skincare - Suitable for all skin types

Our skincare is suitable for every body. We produce products that are not only suited to all skin types and desires but promote the convenience of owning one item that boasts a number of functions, from cleansing and moisturising to highlighting and taming hair, our products are multi-functional, meaning there really is something for every body.


1)     Mix a drop of oil in to your foundation 

Our top pick is our Sensitive Face & Body Oil.  This massage oil is bursting with rosehip, raspberry, sun flower, apricot and evening primrose oils.

Not only can you add a dash to the bath for a relaxing soak, but alternatively, apply 1-2 drops per pump of your foundation to revive and treat the skin.

We can't argue that dewy looking skin gives us that healthy glow we know we desire. Our oils are formulated with hydrating, nourishing ingredients that benefit your skin, but they also give your makeup a flawless appearance.


Sensitive Face & Body Oil



2)     Use our Damascene Melting Cleanser as a cuticle gel 


By day it’s a gel cleanser by night it’s a cuticle oil!
Your cuticles play an important role in the health of your overall nails. We often hear about the magic of nail growth from cuticle oils and creams but our everyday cleanser does the trick too! Our cleansers are packed with natural oils and vitamin E to help protect and moisturise skin.

Top tip: Apply one pump to the fingertips, and massage across all cuticles to soften and promote healthy looking nails.

3)     Try our Golden Jojoba Wax as a taming beard oil 

Not only does this small but mighty bottle work wonders for your skin but makes a ravishing beard oil!

To all the bearded men out there! A little grooming is essential every once in a while. This golden wonder mimics the skin’s natural oil production. Sourced from the Jojoba bush (Simmondsia Chinensis), grown in Peru, this golden nectar is oil like in appearance – but thanks to the structure of a long chain of liquid wax esters, it is structurally different from triglycerides (unlike most nut/seed oils) – making it a wax, and not an oil.

Golden Jojoba Wax - Peruvian Protector

4)   Use Raw Coconut Oil on your body, face, lip, hands and hair!

Our 100% virgin Organic Raw Coconut oil injects pure goodness into face, lips, hands and body. Slather all over the body for a nourishing skin boost. Even better, apply it to dry, brittle hair once a week to leave your locks strong, moisturised and full of life!

Pssst...take it on your travels! - small enough to travel anywhere, and multi-functional enough to go everywhere. Our Wanderbalm is your pocket sized multi-tasker!

Top tip: Put 3-4 tbsp into a dish, melt in the microwave for 10-15 seconds and massage through hair in circular motions to penetrate deep into those hair follicles to stimulate hair growth.

Raw Coconut Oil Wanderbalm

6)     Use our Bladderwrack & Peppermint Salt Body Scrub to mend those feet!

Say goodbye to dry cracked skin!

Not only will our Bladderwrack & Peppermint Salt Body Scrub leave your skin feeling silky smooth but it also doubles up as an incredible exfoliating foot scrub. Perfect for alleviating stress and pain after a long and tiring day, its stimulating effect helps increase your blood circulation. Fucus Vesiculosus or “bladder wrack” like most seaweed is rich in trace elements, nutrients, proteins and high in anti-oxidant activity. Perfect for leaving your feet feeling refreshed and moisturised. 

7)     Use our 100% oils to treat dry & brittle hair 

No matter your hair type, we can all be prone to dry and lacklustre hair, especially in the summer months. Your hair craves moisture and often a daily conditioner isn't enough.

We recommend using a hair oil! Great for locking in moisture and treating problems like hair fall. Our 100% oils are packed with pure unrefined ingredients, providing your hair and scalp with the vitamins and nutrients it craves!

Top tip: Warm 3-4 drops in the palm of your hands and run through the ends of your hair, going no higher than mind length. Alternatively, massage into scalp and leave in as an overnight hair mask to help stimulate hair follicles and aid hair growth. 

8)     Use our Jasmine Hair Wrap as a conditioner

Our Green Tea & Jasmine Hair Therapy is a natural alchemy of vitamin E, green tea and chamomile with jasmine to swaddle hair in a purifying, restorative and hydrating hair & scalp therapy. The purifying green tea and enriched vitamin E will help condition, strengthen & smooth the hair, whilst the chamomile soothes the scalp. The result is a gleaming, healthy and supple ‘swoosh’!

This product can alternatively be used as your conditioner, hair masks are great but depending on our hair types this can sometimes be too much for our hair to handle! Use once a week to revive thirsty hair!

Try: Green Tea & Jasmine Hair Therapy



9)     Use our Bumps a Daisy moisturiser on your feet

Our Bumps A Daisy Body Oil in our pregnancy range is great as part of your foot routine! Neroli oil is an essential oil produced from the blossom of the bitter orange tree. It has a spicy aroma with sweet and flowery notes. It has natural antiseptic properties and promotes new skin cell generation.

It also invokes feelings of joy, uplifting the mood whilst making you feel relaxed - win win all round!

10)  Spritz our Boosting face tonic on face as a refresh spray

Not only does our gentle tonic sooth, unclog & shrink pores, but it’s the perfect pick me up to use through the day to revive your skin and eyes.

We all need a little pick-me-up throughout the day to revive our eyes, give your skin a little boost and feel refreshed. A quick and easy solution is a nice hydrating facial mist. Our gentle face tonic is infused with aloe vera and rose water to hydrate and balance the skin’s PH levels whilst giving your skin the kiss of life!

Top tip: Spray on top of make-up as a setting spray for a dewy finish  



Wanderbalm£20.85 (set of 3)