Our Core Values: Gender Neutral Skincare

Gender Neutral Skincare: Why It's So Important To Us

Gender Neutral skincare is something we've been creating since 2009. It's true that over the past few years, the way we shop and the way in which we consume skincare has seen a shift in the non-binary direction. But for us it's much more than a trend. For us, it's the creation of skincare that can be loved by Every Body.

It's also (finally!) the prevailing of common sense in a consumer-focused market.

It's refreshing, especially in our pocket of the consumer market, that traditional stereotypes are beginning to dissolve. We really believe that gender based product labeling and the subsequent marketing is outdated and out of touch. For us, non gender specific skincare is about celebrating individuality.


"We love creating skincare that can be devoured by Every Body. That's why gender neutral skincare is so very important to us. "

Emma Webber, Co-Founder


Gender Neutral Skincare Skincare For Every Body

Creating Gender Neutral Skincare For Every Body

The belief that we're creating skincare for Every Body is fundamental to us. Age, gender, race, religion, genetic predisposition or nutritional preference: we really are creating for Every Body. The majority of our skincare is Vegan. Nearly all of our skincare is suitable for people with sensitive skin. All of our skincare is cruelty free. Some of our skincare has been created to help with healthy ageing. A few of our products can be used on people as young as 12 months old. Some of it is safe for use during pregnancy. Some of our spas even use the gentle skincare on people under going life-saving, invasive treatments. We really do want to make sure Every Body is included in the Natural Spa Factory family.


"The concept of gender isn't at the front of our minds in anything we create. Our purpose is to produce great skincare that can make Every Body feel great"

Emma Webber, Co-Founder


Gender Neutral Skincare Select products by skin type, not gender

Skin Is Skin

2018 has seen the beauty industry start to shift towards inclusivity. Whilst we think it's great , and something we're truly embracing, the industry as a whole still has catching up to do. In general, it is still unfortunately accustomed to categorising products "for women" or "for men." Why? Good question. Considering many (and we mean many) skin-care, hair-care, and even makeup products can be used by ... literally Every Body.

The skincare, beauty and spa industry has driven a void between male and female skincare for too long. The crux of it is: if it's a beautifully delivered, bespoke treatment or product, it doesn't need to sound like a Marvel comic book hero to attract a male purchase. Why aren't men being trusted to select a face or body treatment to suit their skin type?


"So called 'Male' treatments are so often shunted to the back of a spa treatment menu, with a tiny selection too often added as an after thought: A high performance facial? Jog on - we're not selling trainers! It's tiresome and boring. We should all be talking about incredible, natural and unique treatment journeys that are designed for Every Body. "

Jeremy Smith, Co Founder



Minimalist Skincare

Bathroom shelf space is at a premium. Flooding that sacred shelf with an artillery of skincare befitting of a large spa is really not necessary. We encourage you: share skincare with your partner, teenagers and family. Have less on your shelf.

We do have over 100 different products. But we'll never pretend you should own more than you actually need. You know your skin better than we do - so suss out what routine works for you, and evolve it. Skin can become too comfortable repeatedly using the same thing. As the seasons evolve, evolve your staples. A thicker oil for winter. Be lazy in summer - just use coconut oil for everything. We really mean everything - cleanser, face and body moisturiser, hair mask, aftersun. It goes anywhere. Minimalism and gender neutrality really do go hand in hand.



For us, gender-neutral skincare is hugely about inclusivity. When we started creating spa treatments, we wanted to create treatments and skincare that embrace the individual. We want to be a brand that embraces you, regardless of your gender. A range of products that any body can pick up and fall openly in love with. A clear goal with Gender Neutral skincare.

As gender lines become more blurred, people are being allowed to consume with their emotions, instead of being constricted by pre-determined contstraints. What can be more emancipating? Falling in love with the touch, ingredient, aroma - and most importantly, how it makes you feel.

Gender Neutral Skincare Clean design, with zero gender stereotyping

Shop By Skin Type, Not Gender

Women and men's skin isn't actually that different. Men's skin is, in general, a little hairier. It's also a little thicker because of higher levels of testosterone. Men also have a higher collagen density. But all of this information doesn't take away from the fact: skin is skin. Some people with have dry skin, some oily, some sensitive.

We can make slightly different product choices to things that may be more suited. There simply aren't any products in the Natural Spa Factory collection targeted specifically at men or women. The whole collection has been designed to fall under the umbrella of Gender Neutral Skincare.

So, let's all start thinking outside of the gender box. Choose products for your skin type, not your chromosomes