We're proud to be sensibly natural - but what does that really mean?

It's one of our core values, and many of our products are 100% natural - but fear not, being sensible doesn't mean we're boring or traditional!

Sourcing botanical and sustainable ingredients like herbs, plants, roots and flowers is hugely important to us.

The finest ingredients are selected for their relationship with the seasons and nature - allowing our spas, and you at home, to be much more playful with your skincare routine.

All of our handcrafted products are proudly free from SLS, MI, MCI and microbeads - and they do a great job! Plus using natural products is better for the environment too, so it's win-win!


Sensibly Natural product focus: scrubs

Our scrub collection includes some of the most unique natural ingredients we have encountered.


Salt scrubs are natural purifiers that remove toxins that can block the pores of the skin.

Try: Our Fig & Vanilla Salted Body Crush bursting with both coarse finely milled sea salt to deeply scrub.



Exfoliating with a sugar scrub offers gentle yet effective exfoliation and can help create the appearance of smoother, glowing skin.

Try: Our Green Tea & Coconut Body Buff for a gentle yet effective exfoliation.



Rice bran features in our Illuminate Collection as it’s a great natural way to brighten and moisturise skin.

Try: Our Illuminate Facial Polish & Illuminate Body Polish for a gentle exfoliation



The caffeine found in coffee scrubs can increase blood flow and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Try: Our Colombian Rush Coffee Scrub for an invigorating scrub down!



Pearls gently exfoliate and have been known to accelerate skin metabolism, toning, rejuvenating skin and reducing pores.

Try: Our Gold & Pearl Facial Polish or our Gold & Caviar Body Polish


Fruit seeds

Fruit seed scrubs promote a glowing, clean complexion through exceptionally deep cleansing.  

Try: Our Superfruit Active Exfoliation for a fruity scrub down!



SHOP THE BLOG: Body Scrubs

Salt Scrub - Lime & Lemongrass Body Salt Scrub - £20

Sugar Scrub - Gold & Caviar Body Polish - £60

Rice Scrub - Illuminate Body Polish - £46

Coffee Scrub - Colombian Rush Coffee Body Scrub - £25

Fruit Seeds - Coconut & Lychee Seed Body Buff - £26